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10+ Subtraction Coloring Sheets | Free Printables

These subtraction coloring sheets will help to visualize and develop color sense and subtraction skills. 1st grade students will learn basic subtraction methods and can improve their basic math skills with our free printable subtraction coloring sheets.

5 Funny Subtraction Coloring Sheets

Download the following worksheets and practice more with your students to develop their subtraction skills.

Subtraction Coloring Sheets

1 Digit Subtraction

Worksheet #1

1 Digit from 2 Digits

Worksheet #2

2 Digits from 3 Digits

Worksheet #3

3 Digits from 4 Digits

Worksheet #4

Long Digit Subtraction

Worksheet #5

If you choose to utilize these worksheets, you can also use them with children in grades 1 or grade 2. These exercises are centered on subtraction-related issues.

Children are coloring subtraction coloring sheets

These subtraction coloring sheets in pdf format can help our children learn the basics of mathematics fast and actively. 

Learn 1 Digit Subtraction with Coloring

In this portion of this article, I will discuss 1-digit subtraction. Students will solve the subtraction problems and then match the results with the color code.

one digit subtraction problems in subtraction coloring sheets

Subtract 1 Digit from 2 Digits and Color

First, tell the students to perform the subtraction properly. After getting the result, match the color code, the color code will say which portion will be in which color.

subtraction of one digit from two digits in subtraction coloring sheets

Subtract 2 Digits from 3 Digits & Color

Here, subtraction of 3 digits from 2 digits will be discussed. Solve the problems, match the color codes and color the specific areas. 

subtraction of 2 digits from 3 digits in subtraction coloring sheets

Subtract 3 Digits from 4 Digits and Color

Here, subtraction of 3 digits from 4 digits will be discussed here. Subtract the number, match the color code with the results, and color the areas.

subtraction of 3 digits from 4 digits in subtraction coloring sheets

Long Digit Subtraction Fun Coloring

This coloring page has a pack of expressions containing 1-digit subtraction, subtraction from 1 digit from 2 digits, 2 digits from 3 digits, and 3 digits from 4 digits. First, they will subtract the expressions and then match the color code. After that, color the particular area with a particular color and finish the activity.

Long digit subtraction in subtraction coloring sheets

Download the Free Worksheet PDF

Download the following PDF and practice more.


So today, we’ve discussed subtraction with subtraction coloring sheets using the concepts of 1-digit subtraction, 1-digit from 2-digit subtraction, 2-digit from 3 digits subtraction, 3 digits from 4 digits subtraction, and long-digit subtraction. Download our free worksheets, and after practicing these worksheets, students will surely improve their mathematical skills and have a better understanding of subtraction.

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