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10+ Subtraction Coloring Sheets | Free Printables

One of the fundamental mathematical processes is subtraction. The operation of subtraction may seem more difficult for children in grades 1 to Grade 3 than any other activity. So, it is necessary to make the subtraction learning processes more entertaining and engaging. For your children in grades 1 through grade 3, you can find subtraction coloring sheets in this article.

But, if you choose to utilize these worksheets, you can also use them with children in grades 4 or grade 5. These exercises are centered on subtraction-related issues. Students must solve subtraction problems in order to color the various components of the artwork. Students must determine the right answer to the subtraction problems. Then, color the area by matching the worksheets’ color scheme. They will be assisted in understanding the entire process by teachers or parents.

Children are coloring subtraction coloring sheets

5 Fun Activities for Coloring Sheets with Subtraction

These subtraction coloring sheets in pdf format can help our children learn the basics of mathematics fast and actively. These techniques work really well. These methods should aid your young champion in laying a solid foundation by introducing them to the basic concepts of mathematical operation learning. For the subtraction coloring worksheets, follow the detailed directions listed below.

Learn 1 Digit Subtraction with Coloring

In this portion of this article, I will discuss 1-digit subtraction. It is a very easy and fundamental mathematical operation for any student. Students will solve the subtraction problems and then match the results with the color code.

The color code will indicate the color they need to do in the specific portion. So without solving the subtraction, children will not get the result and the color code. So to complete the full picture, they need to solve the problems one by one. This part is basically for the 1st-grade students. Surely, they will love the activity.

one digit subtraction problems in subtraction coloring sheets

Subtract 1 Digit from 2 Digits and Color

This subtraction activity is actually another level of the previous one. Your 2nd-grade students will enjoy the activity. First, tell the students to perform the subtraction properly. After getting the result, match the color code, the color code will say which portion will be in which color. Tell them to color the areas by maintaining color codes. After finishing the color, you will get a colorful picture.

subtraction of one digit from two digits in subtraction coloring sheets

Is Subtracting 2 Digits from 3 Digits Scary?

Do your children scare at the subtraction of 2 digits from 3 digits? I can assure you that this is not that scary. Just let them perform the subtraction step by step, one by one. After performing the subtraction, you will get the result. The result will drag you to the color codes.

Tell your students to observe the color codes carefully. Then, color the specific area with a specific color by maintaining the codes. After being finished coloring, they will have an awesome colorful picture.

subtraction of 2 digits from 3 digits in subtraction coloring sheets

Subtract 3 Digits from 4 Digits and Color

Do your kids get frightened when you subtract 3 from 4? This isn’t really that scary, I can assure you of that. Simply let them complete the subtraction step-by-step and one at a time. You will obtain the outcome following the subtraction. You will be drawn to the color codes with the result. Encourage your kids to pay close attention to the color codes. Then, while keeping the codes, color the designated area with the designated color. They’ll have a fantastic, colorful image once they’re done coloring.

subtraction of 3 digits from 4 digits in subtraction coloring sheets

Long Digit Subtraction Fun Coloring

This is the highest level of all the activities mentioned earlier. This coloring page has a pack of expressions containing 1-digit subtraction, subtraction from 1 digit from 2 digits, 2 digits from 3 digits, and 3 digits from 4 digits. Students who performed perfectly in the previous worksheet pages will be allowed to do this activity. First, they will subtract the expressions and then match the color code. After that, color the particular area with a particular color and finish the activity.

Long digit subtraction in subtraction coloring sheets

Download the Free Worksheet PDF

These subtraction coloring sheets will help your children to become strong in the basics of mathematics. These fun worksheets will help your children to swipe out their math phobia. these subtraction coloring sheets will also enhance the coloring sense of your kiddos. If you have any kind of suggestions or quotations about this article, please let me know in the comment section.

Download the free pdf and enjoy the activities.

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