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Division Facts Game | 3 Activities | Free Printable

This article will show you the division facts game. I love playing math games with my children. It is a wonderful way to practice math facts and enjoy time together. And today I have a fun game to share with you. One that will get your kiddos working on memorizing their division facts.

3 Funny Worksheets on Division Facts Game

Please Download the following worksheets and practice yourself.

Division Facts Game

Board Game

Worksheet #1

Path Game

Worksheet #2

Find the Missing Number

Worksheet #3

Before Playing the Division Facts Game

Yes, we want our children to be able to rattle off their division and multiplication facts quickly. When they hit long division knowing these facts, will make everyone’s lives just a little bit easier. With that knowledge, this game is meant to help with that memorization in a fun way. But I would be remiss to mention the importance of teaching what division is. Giving our children an understanding of what division is just as essential as memorization.


A great place to start is with the vocabulary. There is a lot of vocabulary that is associated with division. You have the dividend, the number that is being divided up. Then there is the divisor, the number doing the dividing. And you can’t forget the quotient…the answer. Oh, and we could throw in the word remainder too. Interactive books are a great way for children to get familiar with the vocabulary and use pictures to represent it.

Sorting it out

Not only do we want our children familiar with division vocabulary, but we want to provide them with hands-on experience. One great way to do this is to allow children to sort real objects into groups. Activities like this are a great way to show multiplication and division relationships and make equal groups with objects.

Word Problems

We have all heard that annoying question…… “When will I use this?” Well, word problems are a great way to show children how division is used in real life….and when the word problems require students to solve by grouping, making an array, repeated subtraction, and a number line…..it is even better. Don’t leave this part of your instruction out!!!

A boy thinking about division terminology in division facts game          

Game Time!

Now that we have covered some of the ways children can explore division, now it is time to get down to memorizing division facts…. and this game is perfect for it. To get started, there is just a little bit of prep work.

  1. First, print off the game board and game cards on card stock paper.
  2. Next, cut out the game cards and laminate them for extra durability.
  3. Finally, gather up some game pieces and you are ready to go!!

3 Funny Divison Facts Games for Your Youngsters

Our children will be able to learn division facts very easily and interactively with the help of this division facts game. This approach is quite successful. These methods should assist your young champ in learning basic math operations and laying a solid calculating foundation. Follow the step-by-step procedures of the division facts game given below.

  1. Division Facts Board Game
  2. Division Facts Bingo Game
  3. Color the Area Game

Division Facts Board Game 

This game is super easy to play.

  • Player one draws a card and does one of the following.
    • If the card has an expression on it the player solves it.
    • If the card is a picture the player moves to that picture on the game board.
  • Once the expression is solved, player two checks the answer with a calculator. If the answer is correct, player one moves up the game until they land on a space that is the same color as the card they drew.
  • But if player one answers wrong, then they do not get to move up.
  • Now it is player two’s turn, and the same steps are made.
  • The game ends when one player reaches the last yellow space!

Steps of division facts board game          

Division Facts Bingo Game

  • Bring the kids all together first.
  • After that, invite the kids to gather around the game board by placing it on a mat or table.
  • The teacher will distribute the small number cards to the students.
  • Then, the teacher will roll the dice.
  • After rolling the dice, the game will be started.
  • The teacher will land on a number and shout loudly the number.
  • The students will check their cards. If the number matches with one’s card number he or she will raise his or her hand and say “Bingo”.
  • Then, the teacher will provide him or her with a division problem on the board.
  • If he or she can solve the problem, the game will proceed. Otherwise, the teacher will help the child to solve the problem.
  • The teacher will take the records. The highest number of problem solvers will win the game.

Division facts bingo game procedure          

Color the Area in the Division Facts Game

  • Here a picture is added to the activity sheet. The picture is divided into some parts. Every part has an expression.
  • The teacher will make two groups of students to play this game.
  • Then, a toss will happen between the two teams. The toss-winning team will have the first chance.
  • The teacher will select the expression and specific colors for every team.
  • After that, the game will start. The first team will get the expression and solve it.
  • If they can solve the expression successfully, they will color the area. Otherwise, the other team will get the same problem.
  • In this way, the game will continue.
  • After coloring all the areas, teacher will count the areas. The team that has the highest number of areas will win the game.

Division facts coloring game steps          

Download Free Printable PDF

Play cheerfully with your child by downloading the attached PDF.

When kids are creating, painting, and exploring math is so much fun. With these enjoyable subtraction worksheets, have fun learning the division facts game! Please feel free to leave any questions or recommendations in the comment section. I hope your children enjoy this way of memorizing their division facts.

You’ve Got This!!

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