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St. Patrick’s Day Counting Game | Fun Activities

This St. Patrick’s Day counting game will teach counting to your kiddos from grades 1 to grade 3. Your kiddos will enjoy the activities surely!! St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated every year on March 17. This article provides you with St Patrick’s Day theme-based funny activities. These activities are for kiddos to practice basic math skills with the celebration of the St. Patrick’s Holiday.

6 Worksheets on St. Patrick’s Day Counting Game

Download the following worksheets and play with your kiddos.

St. Patrick's day counting game

Find the Leprechaun

Worksheet #1

Counting Shammrock

Worksheet #2

Board Game

Worksheet #3

Counting Rainbows

Worksheet #4

Cover the Numbers

Worksheet #5

Counting Elements

Worksheet #6

It is an official Christian feast day in the early 17th century. This day is observed by Catholic Church. The holiday honors Saint Patrick, the introduction of Christianity to Ireland, and the Irish people’s heritage and culture as a whole.

Moreover, these no-prep worksheets will help the parents and teachers to teach the children counting with fun. Young children’s interests are engaged while learning activities that make the most of particular seasons and holidays sneak in important concepts.

Two guys arranging St Patrick's day Counting Game

The St. Patrick’s Day theme also broadens preschoolers’ background knowledge by introducing them to innovative number-counting concepts!

6 Funny Counting Games on St. Patrick’s Day for Your Little Champ

I have introduced 6 funny counting games based on the theme of St. Patrick’s Day. these games are suitable for your kiddos to learn to count between 10 and 20. These activities will strengthen your kiddie’s foundation of basic mathematical sense. Hopefully, your children will love the activities.

  1. Find Out The Leprechauns
  2. Count the Shamrock
  3. Board game on Counting Activities
  4. Treasure Hunt
  5. Count the Rainbows
  6. Cover the Number

Find Out The Leprechauns

  • First, print out the worksheet.
  • Distribute the worksheets to the students.
  • As they will find the Lauprechaun, first introduce the Lauprechaun to the students.
  • You can see a lot of things on the sheet. Your student will find the Leprechaun from the sheet.
  • Then they will write the number of Lauprechaun in the fixed blank.

finding the Leprechauns for St Patrick's day Counting Game

Count the Shamrock

  • In this game, first, print out the worksheets.
  • Distribute the worksheets to the students.
  • Then, tell them to count the shamrock leaves and match the number with the correct number of leaves.
  • Finish the game.

Counting the Shamrocks for St Patrick's day Counting Game

Board game on Counting Activities

  • Print out the board and laminate it.
  • Roll the dice first.
  • Then, place the element like rainbow erasers or others on the numbers they get on the dice.
  • When they land on a picture, the teacher will provide a worksheet for him or her to count the element.
  • If he or she counts perfectly, he/she will continue the game. Otherwise, he/she will be stuck in that place.
  • In this way, the kiddie who can finish the board game first will win the game.

Board Games for St Patrick's day Counting Game

Treasure Hunt

  • In this game, students will be divided into two groups and participate in a treasure hunt game in the classroom.
  • Treasure is a picture of a pot of gold.
  • The teacher will use the pictures of leprechauns and gold coins as clues for the treasure hunt game.
  • The group finds the treasure first and will win the game.

Treasure Hunt game in St Patrick's day

Count the Rainbows

  • In this game, students will find rainbows and count them.
  • The teacher will divide them into groups and provide them with worksheets.
  • Every group will try to find the rainbows from the worksheet and count them.
  • They will write the number of rainbows in the specific space.
  • The group that finishes the task first will win the game.

Counting rainbows for St Patrick's day Counting Game

Cover the Number

  • Print out the worksheets and gather the students first.
  • Role the dice then.
  • If you roll two dice, sum up the numbers of the dice.
  • Now on the board, cover up the numbers got from the dice.
  • Finish the game after covering up all the numbers.

Cover the number game on St Patrick's day

Download Free Printable Worksheet

Please download the worksheets for your children to teach them counting in this St. Patrick’s Day occasion.

These activities will help your kiddos to grow number sense and counting skills. These activities are for your kiddos from grade 1 to grade 3. Hopefully, they will love these interactive activities. Moreover, these are easily arrangeable activities for the teachers and parents. So, enjoy this St. Patrick’s Day with your kiddos by participating in counting activities.

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