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9+ Right Triangle Real Life Examples | Free Task Cards

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Several geometrical shapes are visible in the actual world. Like, we see the moon or sun in a round shape, and we can observe triangular shapes in bridge trusses, boat sails, etc.

These are good instances of rectangular or square shapes. Isn’t that thrilling? In this article, I’ll highlight 9 right triangle real life examples out of all of them.

All triangles can be divided into three groups based on the angles,- acute-angled, obtuse-angled, and right-angled. In this article, our objective is to show 9 right triangle real life examples.

Every triangle has three angles. The angles may be acute, obtuse, or right angles. Among all the three angles, if one angle is the right angle, the triangle will be called the right triangle.

Right triangles are common in the real world. Let’s have a look at how many applications we can find as right triangle real life examples.

Right Triangle Definition and Identification

A right triangle is a particular kind of triangle in which one of the interior angles is 90 degrees, in other words, one of the triangle’s corners is square. A right triangle’s other two angles are acute, which means they are fewer than 90 degrees in length.

So, if you can see an angle of a triangle is a right angle, the triangle is a right triangle. The side opposite to the right angle is called the hypotenuse, while the other two sides are called the legs. The longest side of a right triangle is always the hypotenuse’s length.

In many disciplines, including mathematics, engineering, physics, and building, right triangles are used. Right triangles are extremely helpful in determining distances, heights, and angles in a variety of practical applications because of their characteristics.

different parts of right triangle

9 Examples of Right Angled Triangle in Real Life

Several examples of the right triangles in real life are given here. I hope you will find interest in this topic. Go through the whole article carefully.

Roof Trusses with Right Triangle

Roof trusses are often made of wood or steel bars. The shapes of the roof trusses are commonly a right triangle. But we can see right triangles also in the roof truss shapes. The roof trusses are used to support the roof and distribute the forces evenly to ensure more strength of the roof. In the following picture, you can get a close view of a right triangle shape in a roof truss.

Roof Trusses as Examples of Right Triangle in Real Life

Right Triangles in Ramps

Do you ever need to move heavy boxes or luggage? Or, have you ever done skateboarding or sliding? In all of these activities, you need to use an inclined path or ramps. A surface that makes it easy to push or pull heavy things is provided by the inclined plane of the ramp. This whole structure is a good example of right triangles in our everyday life. You can see only one angle of this triangle is the right angle.

Ramps as Examples of Right Triangle in Real Life

Bridge Trusses with Right Angles

Bridge trusses are used to give extra strength to the bridge structures. It distributes the force and increases strength. Right triangles are used in a bridge truss. Right triangles have grown in popularity in modern bridges despite other forms of triangles being used for truss bridges. Right-angled triangles are common in modern bridges.

Bridge Trusses as Examples of Right Triangle in Real Life

Triangle Gates with Right Triangle

In some commercial triangle gates, you can see right triangles. This structure is lightly weighted. Moreover, it is easy to manipulate. These gates are suitable for small places. These are typical elements in public parking lots, like those at malls.

triangle Gates as Examples of Right Triangle in Real Life

Sails on Boats with Right Triangle

Sailing boats frequently have sails in the right triangle design. The sails have different lengths on their sides. There are also different measures for the angles between the sides. But one angle among all three angles is a right angle. The sails help to maneuver the boats easily through action and reaction.

Sails on Boats as Examples of Right Triangle in Real Life

Stair Banisters with Right Triangle

The purpose of stair banisters is to make climbing and descending stairs secure. These balusters frequently create a right triangle because they follow the stairway’s gradient.

Stair banisters as Examples of Right Triangle

Shadow of a Tall Object with Right Triangle

We can see trees or buildings as tall objects in our daily life. A tall object forms right angle to the land. You can see the right triangle’s structure by visualizing its top and the open end of the shadow forming the hypotenuse together.

Measuring height of a tree as Examples of Right Triangle

A Climbing Ladder Inclining to the Wall with Right Triangle

A ladder inclined to the wall makes a triangle with ground and wall. The angle between the ground and the wall is a right angle. The ladder is the hypotenuse of this right-angled structure.

A climbing Ladder as Examples of Right Triangle

Placing a Slab with Right Triangle

We may see the slab or shelves placed on the walls. These wall-mounted shelves are placed on a holding part that has a right triangular shape.

Placing a Slab as Examples of Right Triangle

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