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11 Free Area and Perimeter Activity Related Worksheets

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These area and perimeter activity worksheets will help to visualize and understand various real-life activities regarding area and perimeter. 3rd to 5th-grade students will learn the basic techniques to solve area and perimeter-related puzzles and activities and can improve their basic math skills with our free printable area and perimeter activity worksheets.

11 Exciting Worksheets for Performing Area and Perimeter Activity

Please download the following area and perimeter worksheets and perform the activities on the pages.

Area and Perimeter Activity Box Image

Anchor Chart

Worksheet #1

Cheez-Its Activity

Worksheet #2

Block Activity

Worksheet #3

Real-Life Objects

Worksheet #4

Dice Activity

Worksheet #5

Monster Drawing

Worksheet #6

Analyzing Pattern

Worksheet #7

Racing Activity

Worksheet #8

Decorate and Reorganize

Worksheet #9

Maze Activity

Worksheet #10

Circle and Pi- Plate

Worksheet #11

Introduction to Area and Perimeter

Let’s learn some basics about area and perimeter. In simple words, the area is the whole amount of space inside an object. For example, for the rectangle shown in the following image, the square shapes drawn inside the rectangle are its area.

Whereas, the perimeter is the measured distance around a shape. The following image will give you a better understanding. 

Area and Perimeter Definition

It’s a common thing to find the area and perimeter of various shapes. Generally, we calculate these terms for triangular and quadrilateral shapes. But you can also find area and perimeter for other shapes as well.

Area and Perimeter Comparing Activity

In the following area and perimeter anchor chart, we will be able to see the similarities and dissimilarities between area and perimeter.

Go through the chart carefully to understand all the facts about the area and perimeter.

Explaining Area and Perimeter with Anchor Chart

Cheez-Its Area and Perimeter Activity

We will do an area and perimeter activity with Chhez-Its in the following worksheet. There are some questions you have to solve by forming various rectangular shapes with your Cheez-Its.

Form the shapes as per instructions and determine the area and perimeter of those shapes.

Area and Perimeter Block Activity

You will see some figures drawn on the given worksheets. Each figure has been drawn on block paper. Here, each side of the block is equal to one unit. Calculate the total area and perimeter of the given figures. As the figures represent irregular shapes, you have to use some tricks to determine the area and perimeter of each of them.

  • Divide each irregular shape into two or three regular shapes for calculating the area.
  • After calculating the area for those regular shapes, add them together to get the area of that irregular shape.
  • To get the perimeter, simply add all the sides of that shape.

Finding Area and Perimeter of Daily Life Objects

In this activity, you will be given some tasks to find the area and perimeter of various daily life objects. For example, you can see the names of some objects like pencils, erasers, compass boxes, books, etc. on the following worksheets.

Take the measuring scale and find the length and depth for each of those objects. Then, calculate the area and perimeter for each object by using the above data.

Area and Perimeter Dice Activity

Take a block of paper, two colored pencils, and two dice. Ask one of your friends to play the area and perimeter block game with you.

  • Fix which color you will draw with and give the other colored pencil to your friend.
  • Roll the dice and see what two numbers you get.
  • For example, if you got 5 and 3 from the dice, then draw a rectangle with an area of 5×3 on the block paper.
  • Then it is your friend’s turn. Roll the dice, notice the numbers, and draw a rectangle that has an area equal to the multiplication of those two numbers.
  • Continue to play until the block paper is filled, see which of the colored pencils has taken up more area in the block paper, and announce that color conquers the blocks.

Area and Perimeter Monster Drawing Activity

To get you more involved in our activities, we have thought of making a monster drawing game using area and perimeter. Print the following PDF, where you will get block paper and instructions to draw the monster.

Go through each of the instructions, such as the area of hands, the perimeter of the head, the area of the legs, etc., and draw the monster carefully. After that, color it to make your drawing more realistic.

Finding Perimeter from Given Pattern

In this activity, you will find some shapes drawn with various polygons, starting from triangles to pentagons, hexagons, etc. Your job is to identify each of the shapes and figure out their perimeters by counting the number of sides for each of them.

For example, if you take a pentagon, its number of sides is 5. So, its perimeter would be 5.

Area and Perimeter Racing Activity

 Take your partner and two different bottle caps. Start the race from the number 1 position. Take a coin and choose which side you will take. Head or Tail. Your friend will choose the other side.

Flip the coin and see who got to advance first. Solve each of the area and perimeter questions beside each step to advance forward. Whoever gets to the finish line first will be the winner of this race.

Decorating and Reorganizing Home for Area and Perimeter Activity

We have attached some questions in the following worksheet regarding decorating and reorganizing your home. Take your measuring tape and find answers for each of the questions.

Make it more exciting by calling your siblings or friends to help you in this regard.

Area and Perimeter Maze Activity

We are going to solve a maze activity using area and perimeter. Look at the following maze. We have to reach the finish line from the start.

To do that, solve the area and perimeter problem at the starting point and find the correct answer to go to the next stage. In this way, find the correct path to reach the finish line.

Circle and Pi Plate Activity

The last activity will be based on finding the area and circumference of circles. We have provided drawings of some circular-shaped plates in the following worksheets. We have provided the diameter for each plate.

Calculate the area and the circumference for each of the plates using the formula. After finding them all, take the plate that you eat with and find its area and circumference as well.

Download Free Printable PDF

Download the following combined PDF and enjoy your practice session.

So today, we’ve discussed we’ve discussed area and perimeter activity worksheets using the concepts of area and perimeter of various geometrical shapes and some interactive activities like anchor chart, monster drawing, pattern analyzing, racing game, decorating and reorganizing house, solving maze riddle, etc. Download our free worksheets, and after practicing these worksheets, students will surely improve their mathematical skills and have a better understanding of area and perimeter through these interactive and fun activities.

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