Subtraction Games | Printable | No-Prep | Free | Christmas Theme

Subtraction Games with Christmas Theme

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This no-prep FREE subtraction games for kids gets children to practice their subtraction facts. Simply spin, solve, and then cover up the answer.

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited about the upcoming Christmas holidays. I’m ready for so yummy food and a little time off. And I definitely excited about family time and some fun

Snowmen subtraction games for kids printables on a table with game pieces.

But there is still a little bit of school left, so we are digging in to get it done….and I’m using lots of games to get in math review.

Today, I have a new one. It is a free subtraction game. Easy to use, and a perfect way to practice simple subtraction facts.

Subtraction Math Games

As much as I love games, it is important that children have some hands-on experience with what they are doing before they start playing.

These task cards are a wonderful way to let children visually see what is happening when you subtract and give them some hands-on practice.

And once they get some hands-on practice then it is time for some subtraction games for kids.

Subtraction Games | Printable | No-Prep | Free | Christmas Theme

Free Math Subtraction Games

This game is a simple print and then play.

All you need to do is print off the pages you want to use.

Then grab a pencil, paper clip, and game markers. The pencil and the paperclip are used to make the spinner.

Christmas Subtraction Game

A snowmen subtraction game for kids printable on a table.

Subtraction Games for Kids: How to Play

  1. The children begin by spinning the spinner (either made by paperclip and pencil or a purchased spinner).
  2. Next, they solve the problem the spinner landed on. (If children are playing independently, you may want to provide a calculator so player two can check their answer.)
  3. Now they use a game marker to cover up that answer on the BINGO board.
  4. Player two then gets a turn.
  5. And the game continues this way until someone has five in a row. (Or for even more subtraction practice, you can see who can cover the whole board first.)
A snowmen subtraction games for kids printables on a table with game pieces.

And if your children need a little extra support, have them use the ten frames. Simply have them fill up the ten frames with the number they are subtracting from, and then they can subtract!! It is a great way to support learners that need a little extra support.

Printable Subtraction Games

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