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Practice Simplifying Fractions With This FREE Simplifying Fractions Game

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This FREE simplifying fractions game is a fun and easy way for children to practice simplifying fractions. Since it is low-prep it is easy to use today!

free simplifying fractions bingo game


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They totally got it right. The worked through all the subtraction or multiplication, followed every step correctly, and have this beautiful answer. The only problem. It is not simplified!!

It seems that last step gets so many children, and you know me. If there is a struggle in math, then a game is needed to provide practice. SO here it is….a simplifying fraction BINGO game!

What is Simplifying Fractions

If you have taught fractions before, you know that we are always looking for fractions in their simplest form. Who wants the fractional answer of 6/12 when that fraction really stands for 1/2?

So how do you simplify fractions?

Well, the first step is to find the greatest common factor, this is the largest number that will equally divide up the numbers in the numerator and the denominator.

I’ve alway had my children use the numerator, and list out all the factors of that number. The largest factor that goes into both the numerator and denominators is the number they use.

Now it is just like finding equivalent fractions, but instead of multiplying….they divide.



Prep Work forBingo Game

  • First, print off the game boards and game cards on card stock paper.
  • Next, cut out the game cards.

Practice Simplifying Fractions With This FREE Simplifying Fractions Game

How to Play Simplifying Fractions Game

As this is a BINGO game, it is easy to play. If you are teaching in a classroom I highly suggest you play is a small group. This will allow you to make sure the children are correctly simplifying, and also provides you with an opportunity to see any misconceptions.

    1. First, pass out the game boards and game markers.
    2. Secondly, pass out a game card to each child.
    3. Have each child simplify the fraction. they can do the work on the whiteboard and show you the answer, or figure it out mentally.
    4. If they correctly simplify the fraction, they may cover up that answer on the game board.
    5. The first child with five in a row wins!!!


Need a Grade or Extra Practice?

These cut and paste activities use the same fractions from the game!! So after a few times playing, they make a great grade or a final assessment to see if they can really do it on their own.

Practice Simplifying Fractions With This FREE Simplifying Fractions Game


I hope this game provides you with correct answers that are simplified!!!

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Practice Simplifying Fractions With This FREE Simplifying Fractions Game


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