8 Free Number Recognition Game Worksheets

Learning number recognition games is a fun activity. So today, we will learn some new number recognition game, and at the end of the article, you can download the free printable too!

8 Exciting Worksheets for Playing Number Recognition Game

In this set of exercises, we’ll focus on number recognition activities. By exploring the patterns and properties of the number recognition games for kindergarten, you’ll unlock the secrets to quickly and accurately solving these types of problems. So, let’s get started!

number recognition game

Color the Number

Worksheet #1

Count and Write

Worksheet #2

Recognizing Number

Worksheet #3

Hunt and Color

Worksheet #4

Identifying Number

Worksheet #5

Connecting Dots

Worksheet #6

Choosing Correct Number

Worksheet #7

Count and Color

Worksheet #8

Recognize and Color the Numbers

This worksheet contains various numbers. Ask your kids to recognize the given numbers and color them. Teachers or parents can use this worksheet to teach their students numbers.

Count and Write Correct Number

In this worksheet, many kinds of different elements are drawn, such as balls, dice, dots, etc. The students will count the elements and write the correct number under the objects. 

Recognize Number and Color the Blocks

Now it’s time to practice recognizing numbers. Ask them to recognize the numbers and color the blocks.

Hunt and Color the Numbers

To play the number hunt game, we need some clues about numbers. For example, teachers or parents give a sheet of numbers and ask their kids to find the number “6”. Then they will find the numbers and color them.

Identifying and Coloring Numbers in Blocks

This activity is similar to the first activity. Ask your kids to find the numbers 1-10 on blocks and then color them.  In this way, students can recognize numbers while playing and enjoying themselves.

Connecting Dots with Number Recognition

As we count to 10, using dots is an excellent approach to practicing matching one number to each thing. As we recall the following number, we can point our finger at each dot. In order to mention one number for each dot when counting dots, we must speak our numbers slowly.

Count and Choose the Correct Number

Children love to play with different elements. In this method, the worksheet contains a lot of different elements and numbers. They count the elements and choose the correct number of elements. It’s a great way of recognizing numbers through elements.

Counting and Coloring Objects

Colors are a great way to have fun and learn numbers. Ask your kids or students to count the elements and color the correct number of objects.

Download the Printable PDF

Download the attached PDF of the number recognition game and have fun playing it with the children. It’s a terrific idea to play a number recognition game with kids.

Enjoy! You can do this!

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