8 Free Number Recognition Game Worksheets

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These number recognition game worksheets will help visualize and understand number recognition systems. 1st-5th grade students will learn basic number recognition methods and can improve their basic math skills with our free printable number recognition game worksheets.

8 Exciting Worksheets for Playing Number Recognition Game

Please download the following number recognition game worksheets and practice problems on the pages.

number recognition game

Color the Number

Worksheet #1

Count and Write

Worksheet #2

Recognizing Number

Worksheet #3

Hunt and Color

Worksheet #4

Identifying Number

Worksheet #5

Connecting Dots

Worksheet #6

Choosing Correct Number

Worksheet #7

Count and Color

Worksheet #8

Recognize and Color the Numbers

This worksheet contains various numbers. Recognize the given numbers. There is a color code for each number. Find and color them.

Count and Write the Correct Number for the Number Recognition Game

In this worksheet, different elements are drawn, such as balls, dice, dots, etc. Count the elements and write the correct number under the objects in this number recognition game worksheet.

Recognize Number and Color the Blocks

Now it’s time to practice recognizing numbers. Recognize the numbers and color the blocks.

Hunt and Color the Numbers for Number Recognition

To play the number hunt game, we need some clues about numbers. For example, teachers or parents give a sheet of numbers and ask their kids to find the number “6”. Then they will find the numbers and color them.

Identifying and Color Numbers in Blocks

This activity is similar to the first activity. Ask your kids to find the numbers 1-10 on blocks and then color them.

Connecting Dots with Number Recognition

As we count to 10, using dots is an excellent approach to practicing matching one number to each thing. As we recall the following number, we can point our finger at each dot. To mention one number for each dot when counting dots, we must speak our numbers slowly.

Count and Choose the Correct Number

In this activity, the worksheet contains a lot of different elements and numbers. Count the elements and choose the correct number of elements.

Count and Color Objects for Number Recognition Game

Count the elements and color the correct number of objects.

Download the Printable PDF

Download the following combined PDF and enjoy your practice session.

So today, we’ve discussed number recognition game worksheets using the concepts of counting, recognizing, matching dots, etc. Download our free worksheets, and after practicing these worksheets, students will surely improve their mathematical skills and better understand numbers.

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