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6 Free Subtraction Mats Worksheets | Fun Activities

These subtraction mats worksheets will help to visualize and understand subtraction and number systems. 1st & 2nd-grade students will learn basic subtraction methods and can improve their basic math skills with our free printable subtraction mats worksheets.

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6 Exciting Worksheets on Subtraction Mats

Please download the following free worksheets. Hopefully, your students will have a sound knowledge of subtraction after practicing from the subtraction mats worksheets.

Subtraction Mats

Butterfly Subtraction

Worksheet #1

Use a Ladybug

Worksheet #2

Apple theme

Worksheet #3

Monster Theme

Worksheet #4

Gingerbread Theme

Worksheet #5

Heart Theme

Worksheet #6

Subtract on a Butterfly Mats

In this fun game, students will get 6 problems and all they need to do is to draw dots on the wings of the butterflies and then solve the equations.


Ladybug Themed Subtraction Mats

This game is just like the former one. Use the dots on the ladybug wings and solve the equations by counting the dots. Hopefully, students will enjoy the game.


Apple Themed Subtraction Mats

Here, the apple will be divided into two equal pieces and every piece will be considered as the wings of the butterflies or ladybugs. The procedure is just like the former ones. Practice and have fun.


Monster Math Subtraction Mats

This procedure is also as like as others. Use the dots after dividing the monster into two equal parts. Then, complete the operation.


Gingerbread Subtraction Mats

Gingerbreads are given with every equation of the subtraction mats. Follow the previous procedures, solve the problems, and have fun.


Heart Subtraction Math Mats

Divide the heart into two parts with an equal line. Then place the dots in their respective parts. Solve the parts of the equations and solve the problems.


Download the Free Worksheets

Download the following worksheet and practice


So today, we’ve discussed subtraction on subtraction mats utilizing the ideas of subtraction on a butterfly, ladybug, apple, monster, gingerbread, and a heart. Download our free worksheets, and after using them, learners’ arithmetic abilities and comprehension of subtraction will undoubtedly improve.

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