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These free 5 times table worksheet will help to visualize and understand multiplication and number systems. 1st Grade Students will learn basic multiplication methods and can improve their basic math skills with our free printable free 5 times table worksheet.

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8 Free 5 Times Tables Worksheets

Download the following worksheets and practice.

5 Times Tables Worksheets

Worksheets 1

Worksheet #1

Worksheets 2

Worksheet #2

Worksheets 3

Worksheet #3

Worksheets 4

Worksheet #4

Worksheets 5

Worksheet #5

Worksheets 6

Worksheet #6

Worksheets 7

Worksheet #7

Worksheets 8

Worksheet #8

5 Times Table Display Sheet

Understanding the 5 times tables worksheets is essential since it serves as the foundation for more complex mathematical concepts. These 5 times table worksheet contain exercises to practice.

5 times table

5 Times Table Chart Up to 10

A multiplication table of 5, having multiplicands up to 10 is given below.


5 Times Table Chart Up to 12

Here, you will have a 5x multiplication table, having multiplicands up to 12.


Times Table Learning and Multiplication Facts

As a fundamental mathematical operation, multiplication should be taught in preschool or in grades 1-3. I will discuss a few methods for rapidly and successfully learning the times table in this section of the post.

Write down the times table first. I’ll explain what a times table looks like to you. Then, read it out loud for auditory learning. Practice often until you can recite the table verbatim. Try the practice sheet to see how much you have retained in your memory. You can move on to another exercise if you are happy with how you performed.

This article includes worksheets for learning multiplication facts and counting up by 5. Students must solve multiplication problems in worksheets with 5x tables in order to finish the circle, match the correct answers, etc. Using the worksheets will help your children to:

Using the 5 times table worksheet can help you learn the 5 factors, recognize addition as repeated multiplication, learn about multiplication with skip counting, locate the unidentified multiplicands, and complete a variety of straightforward multiplication puzzles.

8 Fun Activities to Learn and Practice 5 Times Table

Follow the following activities and download the attached worksheets to increase basic math skills in math operations. These worksheets will aid your kiddos to have some fun with 5 times table worksheets.

Count the 5s Product and Color by Number

You can see that we have a table of numbers that ranges from 1 to 100. Give students the task of locating the 5s product. They will color the box containing the specified quantity of 5s products once they have located the 5s item. Color the box with light colors like yellow, pink, indigo, etc.

Count the 5s product and color in 5 times tables worksheets

Now practice from the following exercise sheets.


Find the 5 Times Multiplication Product in Rocket

Here, students from kindergarten will multiply other numbers by 5. Write the products of the numbers given on the rockets, in the tail of the rockets. Tell them to use the 5 times table we have provided in the worksheets if they need it.

Find the product in rocket 5 times tables worksheets

Now practice from the following exercise sheets.


Complete 5 Times Multiplication Circle

So, give them clear instructions. As you can see, there is a number given—5—in the center of the three circles. Another 6 numbers are provided in the second outer circle. The outermost circles are empty. The numbers from the second circle must be multiplied by the number provided in the inner circle. Then, in the third outside circle, write the product.

Complete the Circle in 5 times tables worksheets

Now download the following worksheet and practice yourself.


Match 5 Times Multiplication Product

Your first- or second-graders will need to multiply the given data in order to find its products. To obtain the goods, they might use the 5x table. Now, you’ll discover that the worksheet also includes the expressions’ products, but the locations of the products are incorrect. The goal of this activity is to draw a line that corresponds to the expression’s product.

Match the product

Now download the following worksheet and practice yourself.


Find the Missing Number in 5x Multiplication

Give your child directions on how to locate the multiplicand that needs to be multiplied by 5 to obtain the product. By dividing the result by 5, it is possible to get the missing number. 

Find the missing number

Now download the following worksheet and practice yourself.


Count the Elements and Find the 5x Multiplication Expression

This is a counting game. You need to count how many sets of elements are there and need to count the elements in a set. Suppose you have 3 sets of balls and every set has 5 balls. So you need to count the sets of balls which are 3 and the number of balls per set which is 5. So, the total number of balls is 3×5=15.

Count the elements and find the expression in 5 times tables worksheets

Now download the following worksheet and practice yourself.


Solve the Maze Counting by 5s

This game is interesting. A man is trapped in a maze. He wants to come out of the maze. Here you can see the maze’s in and out path. But there are some numbers. What will be the path of the maze? Can you solve the maze? Look at the maze carefully. You will find that some numbers are multiples of 5. And these multiples lead the path to the out end. So follow the 5 multiple blocks and help the man to get out of the maze.

Solve the maze in 5 times tables worksheets

Now download the following worksheet and practice yourself.


Cross the River Counting by 5s

Another interesting game will be played here. Let’s assume a bunny is out of food. She wanted to get some carrots. She was running here and there and found a carrot farm on the opposite side of the river. She saw some blocks on the water of the river. The blocks have numbers written on the upper side of the blocks. Some blocks have the strength to take the weight of the bunny and others are not so strong. Now you need to find strong enough blocks. How can you find them?

If you see the numbers carefully, you will get some specific numbers here. You will find numbers of 5s multiples. The blocks having 5 multiples are the strong blocks here. So using this path, the bunny can cross the river and have some carrots.

Cross the river counting by 5s

Now download the following worksheet and practice yourself.


5 Times Table Challenges

You have gone through the whole 5 times tables worksheets here. Now meet the challenges to check your knowledge.


Download the Worksheet PDF

Download the following worksheet PDF and practice more.


We’ve discussed multiplication with the 5 times table worksheet using the concepts of completing the circles by multiplying the numbers, coloring the boxes, filling in the correct products, matching the products, filling in the missing numbers, etc. Download our free worksheets, and after practicing these worksheets, students will surely improve their mathematical skills and have a better understanding of multiplication.

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