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10 Free More and Less Worksheets for Kindergarten

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These ‘more and less’ worksheets for kindergarten will help to visualize and understand counting and number recognition systems. Kindergarten students will learn basic counting methods and can improve their basic math skills with our free printable more and less worksheets for kindergarten.

10 Exciting More and Less Worksheets for Kindergarten

Please download the following ‘more and less’ worksheets for kindergarten and practice comparisons on the pages.

 More and Less Worksheets for Kindergarten

Circle Groups

Worksheet #1

Draw Objects

Worksheet #2

Tick Groups

Worksheet #3

Comparing Objects

Worksheet #4

Circle Numbers

Worksheet #5

Comparing Numbers

Worksheet #6

Circle Greatest or Least Numbers

Worksheet #7

Compare Apples

Worksheet #8

Comparing Shapes

Worksheet #9

Cut and Paste Activity

Worksheet #10

Circling Groups with More or Fewer Objects

The idea of more than and less than worksheets for kindergarten is meant to be introduced through actual groups of objects rather than representations like numbers.

  • Count the number of objects, as numbers are not displayed.
  • Circle the group that has more or fewer things following the instructions.

Drawing More or Less Objects

In this worksheet, draw different objects according to the question.

For example, if more elements are given, then draw fewer elements of that given number of elements, and vice versa.

Marking Groups with Most or Least Objects

This worksheet contains various kinds of elements with different numbers.

Find the most or least number of objects, tick the least objects, and cross the most objects.

Choosing the Correct Comparision Symbols 

Three types of symbols are used to compare the objects. Those are

The greater than sign ( < )

The less than sign ( > )

The equal sign (=)

A worksheet related to this activity is attached below.

Different objects are given on both sides of the following worksheet. Find the appropriate sign and write it in the box. For your better understanding, I’ve written the first one.

Counting and Identifying Smaller and Bigger Numbers

This worksheet is divided into two parts.

One of them is for counting and identifying the bigger numbers, and the other is for counting and identifying the smaller numbers

Comparing Numbers to See Smaller and Bigger 

In this method, a set of numbers is given. Compare the numbers and write the appropriate sign in the gap.

Finding the Greatest or the Least Number Set 

In the previous method, we only compared two numbers. But this time we’ll compare a group of numbers.

  • A set of numbers is given in this worksheet. Find the greatest numbers and circle them in a fine red shade.
  • Then compare the other set of numbers. And this time circle the least number in a fine blue shade.

Comparing Numbers in Apples

In this method, numbers are written on the apples. Read and trace the correct option of more or less to compare the apples.

Shape Themed Comparision for Finding Smaller or Larger Group 

Compare the shapes to see which is a smaller or larger group. After comparing the shapes, circle them according to the instructions.

More and Less Cut and Paste Activity 

This activity will be based on a simple cut-and-paste game. The worksheet contains different kinds of elements.

  • First, count the elements.
  • Then, cut and paste the more or less complete group of elements into the correct box.

Download Free Worksheet PDF

Download the following combined PDF and enjoy your practice session.

So today, we’ve discussed ‘more and less’ worksheets for kindergarten using the concepts of comparing numbers, comparing objects, comparing shapes, and interactive cut-and-paste games. Download our free worksheets, and after practicing these worksheets, students will surely improve their mathematical skills and have a better understanding of object number comparisons.

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