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3 Digit Subtraction Games | Free Worksheets

These 3 digit subtraction games worksheets will help to visualize and understand subtraction and number system. 1st and 2nd Grade students will learn basic subtraction methods and can improve their basic math skills with our free printable 3 digit subtraction games worksheets.

3 Free Worksheets on 3 Digit Subtraction games

Download the following PDFs and make an illumination in your student’s mind and craft a thought of mathematical reasoning.

3 digit subtraction games

Board Game

Worksheet #1

Treasure Hunt

Worksheet #2

Color the Area

Worksheet #3

3 Digit Subtraction Board game

To make an undeterred student enthusiast in mathematical skills, this game will help you a lot. This is a board game having some activities for the players of this game. At first, students will be divided into two groups and roll the dice. Then, land on a picture and solve one problem from the practice sheet. The group that can correctly solve the problem will proceed. In this way, the group that first finishes the game will win.


3 Digit Subtraction Treasure Hunt

This game is similar to the first game. Divide into two groups and roll the dice first. Solve a problem when you land on a treasure box. Then you will be provided with a problem from the practice sheet. Solve the problem correctly and proceed to the next number. Finally, the group finishes the path first and will win the game.


Subtract and Color the Area

This game is quite common. Grab the worksheet, solve the mathematical problems, color the picture by maintaining the color code, and get a vibrant colorful picture. Hopefully, this game will increase your student’s mathematical skills and color sense.


Download the Free Worksheets

Download the following free PDF and enhance the urge to learn mathematical skills in your student’s juvenile mind.


So today, we’ve discussed subtraction with 3 digit subtraction games printable using the concepts of a board game, a treasure hunt, and coloring the area. Download our free worksheets, and after practicing these worksheets, students will surely improve their mathematical skills and have a better understanding of subtraction.

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