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This measurement tools worksheet will help the students to gather a basic idea of the measurement tools. Basically, they need to understand which tools are being used in different measurements.

5 Free Interactive Measurement Tools Worksheets

We have created 5 measurement tools worksheet where some fun activities are given. These measurement activities will help them to measure tools properly.

measurement tools worksheet

Coloring Objects

Worksheet #1

Matching Objects

Worksheet #2

Cut and Paste

Worksheet #3

Multiple Choice

Worksheet #4


Worksheet #5

Measurement Tools Worksheet with Coloring the Object

This measurement tools worksheet contains some objects with which you need to color the blank boxes with suitable measurement tools colors. Like the ruler is red. So, you need to color the box red where you need to measure the objects with the ruler.

Here is the PDF for the measurement tools worksheet.

Identify and Match the Measurement Tools

Here the students need to identify the tools and then match them with their corresponding objects. Like, you want to measure the length of a pencil. So, a ruler will do so. You need to match the ruler with the pencil.

This is the PDF for the measurement tools worksheets for matching tools.

Measurement Tools Worksheet with Cut and Paste Game

In this section, we have given a free interactive cut-and-paste worksheet where you need to cut the objects and then paste them under their respective measuring tools. The PDF for the worksheet is right below.


Multiple Choice for Choosing the Correct Measuring Tools 

Here, some multiple-choice questions are given to the students for their better practice. By this far, we have understood which tools measure which objects. So, practice the interactive measurement tools worksheet from below.

Download Practice Worksheet PDF

These free printable worksheets are created with some interactive activities.

On the other hand these worksheets will teach you which tools are used in measuring which objects.

So, these are our measurement tools worksheet. In these free interactive worksheets, we have given coloring objects, matching objects with tools, cut and paste games, and some multiple choice questions. Hope, this free printable worksheet will help your little one to gather a basic idea of measuring tools. Please, download the worksheets for practice.

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