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Equivalent Fractions Game | Oh No, Fraction Man | Free Printable

Equivalent Fractions Game

This Fraction Man equivalent fractions game is a fun way for children to practice equivalent fractions using numbers, models, and number lines.

There is giggling. A slight sneaky smile. And of course the groans. All of this from a simple game….the game of Old Maid.

My mom found Old Maid at a garage sale, and my older boys have really enjoyed playing it. As I watched their enthusiasm and excitement in playing this old but popular game, I had an idea.

I couldn’t help but think how fun this game would be to review equivalent fractions.

Equivalent fractions cards on a table.

Equivalent Fractions Card Game

Once we have introduced fractions to our kiddos, many times our next step is to teach equivalent fractions. It is a fun topic that is important and leads to our children being able to simplify fractions when they begin to add, subtract, and multiply.

As much as I love playing games with my little pupils, I know that direct instruction is incredibly important. And while it is essential that we teach our children the mathematical steps for solving problems, it is also crucial that we teach them why those steps work.

So before you jump into playing this fun game, let me encourage you to teach your children about equivalent fractions and not just show them how to solve them.

This interactive notebook for equivalent fractions may help you teach your children about equivalent fractions.

Equivalent fractions cards on a table filled out with the answer.

Fraction Man

Using visual models is a great way to build fraction sense, and helps children understand equivalent fractions better. 

This is a series that Math Geek Mama and I did together. It walks you through numerous ideas on helping children visualize fractions…not just memorize how to solve a problem.

Equivalent Fractions Game: Prep Work

This fraction card game is very simple to get ready to play.

  1. First, print off the cards on stock paper
  2. Next, cut out.
  3. Finally, you can choose to laminate for extra durability.

Fraction Game: How to Play Oh No, Fraction Man

The concept of this fraction game is very simple. You find pairs by drawing a card from another player’s hand until one person is left with the old maid.

Change it around a little, and you are finding equivalent fraction pairs. Be the one left holding the fraction man, and whoops, you lose the game.

Fraction Card Game

  1. First, pass out the cards as equally as possible. Some players may have more cards than another, but this will not affect play.
  2. To begin place down any matches in front of you. Matches may be fractions that are equivalent, fractions and pictures that are equivalent, or two pictures that are equivalent.

Example of fractions that are equivalent

Equivalent fractions cards on a table.

Examples of fractions and models that are equivalent

Equivalent fractions cards on a table.

Example of two equivalent models

Equivalent fractions cards on a table.

example of a number line and a model

Equivalent Fractions Game | Oh No, Fraction Man | Free Printable

3. Once all the matches are taken out, player one draws from the person to the right of him/her. If they pull a match, they may place it in front of them. If not, it is the next person’s turn.

They draw a card and make any matches possible. The game ends when the only card left is the child holding the FRACTION MAN. The person holding this card loses.

I hope your children have fun practicing equivalent fractions with this fun game.

Fraction Card Game Printable

Below is the free fraction card game printable. You can download this printable by clicking on the download button, then saving it to your device, then printing it.

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