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Free Kindergarten Printables

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Much as I love my teenagers (yes, I really do!) boy do I miss the kindergarten and preschool days. Sometimes I’ll come across a kindergarten worksheet or activity that they did at school. Or, find a drawing that they made. The little kindergarten handwriting, the little kid voice, oh it’s so sweet and goes by so quickly.

Now they roll their eyes at the thought of doing a worksheet or printable, but kindergarteners really eat that stuff up. They love feeling like a “big kid” going to school and doing real work. Whether it’s a handwriting worksheet, or beginner math, they just love it.

Little boy working on a math problem with a girl in the background.

And, as always, don’t forget that I have a huge assortment of printables, lesson plans and so much more on TeachersPayTeachers.

kindergartener reading a workbook

Kindergarten Printable Worksheets

I will separate these out by topic.

First, let’s talk about letters and handwriting. And handwriting includes numbers, though it is both a math and a handwriting skill.

Handwriting Printables for Kindergarten

Each link will take you to the free kindergarten printable as well as how I used it when I was in the classroom.

  1. Easy and Free Beginning Letter Sound Match
  2. Number 1-10 Tracing and Review Worksheets | Free
  3. Words with NG | NG Ending Words | Free Games | Worksheets
  4. Find the Missing Vowel Activity | Worksheets | Clip Cards
  5. Short i Sounds | CVC Words | Free PDF Emergent Reader
  6. 10 Beginning Sounds Worksheets | Free Kindergarten or Pre K Activities
  7. Farm Coloring Pages | Free | Farm and Animals | Worksheets
  8. Last Day of School Printables | About Me | PDF for Pre K to 12

Kindergarten Math Printables

Math is so fun at this age! Don’t forget to check out my list of 50 Math Games for Kids.

These free kindergarten worksheets are perfect for the classroom or homeschooling.

  1. Number 1-10 Tracing and Review Worksheets | Free
  2. 1 to 50 Numbers | Counting to 50 | Worksheets and Activities
  3. Number of the Day Worksheet | Free Printable
  4. Base Tens Blocks | Free Printable Worksheet for 10 Frames
  5. Counting to 20 Worksheets | Free | No Prep Printable Activities
  6. Subtraction With Ten Frame Clip Cards
  7. FREE Number Line Problem Clip Cards (Three Different Levels)
kindergarten student doing a printable worksheet

Look, I could go on and on and provide literally dozens if not hundreds of printable kindergarten worksheets and kindergarten printables.

I mean, that’s basically what this website is–just hundreds of printables for kids. Make sure you’re following me on social media and subscribe to the newsletter.

But, I’ll stop at 15 so as not to overwhelm anyone. Starting with the basics is usually a good way to go. If you are a homeschooler or a teacher just looking for some seat work activity for your kindergarteners, these free printable worksheets for kindergarten are enough to keep everyone busy for a while.

Get those printers warmed up and ready to learn! You’ve got this!

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