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Counting to 20 Kindergarten

When little ones are learning to count, it can be challenging to come up with fun ways for them to learn. After all, in addition to being able to count to 20, we want them to understand the sequencing and visualize what 20 looks like.

And, that’s not even getting into being able to write the numbers 1 to 20. Counting to 20 seems like such a basic skill, but there is a lot you can put into it to set them up for success.

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But as teachers, I know you’re pressed for time and need more low or no prep activities. Well, that is exactly what this packet of Counting to 20 Worksheets does for you. It gives you a variety of activities to do with the kids to practice counting, but doesn’t require a ton of prep work.

If you have pencils and some dice, you’re ready to go!

I should probably explain, these worksheets were originally for my other website. That is why they have a different site name on the bottom. But, it made more sense to put them here and I didn’t want to redo all of them.

Counting to 20 Activities

Here is what is included in this worksheet packet of activities to practice counting to 20.

  1. Roll and Cover: The kids practice rolling dice and marking their worksheet as they count to 20.
  2. Race to 20: Similar to above game but with coloring instead.
  3. Missing Numbers: Practice counting and filling in the missing numbers.
  4. Tracing Numbers: Trace the numbers 1-20.
  5. Writing Numbers: Using a guide if necessary (provided), they can practice writing the numbers 1-20.

There are other suggestions such as using the bingo dotter things. Repetition and multisensory learning works well for many kids, and these worksheets give you many opportunities for both.

Kindergarten Counting Worksheets

These counting to 20 worksheets work well as a whole class seat activity, or small groups and centers. It’s also an easy solution if a parent asks you for things to practice at home.

Many experts consider counting 1-10 a kindergarten readiness skill, so counting to 20 would be the next step.

So there you go, just download, print and use. If you are in a school or business, make sure you know where your downloads “land” before downloading so that you can find it to print.

Select black and white or grayscale if you do not want to use up yellow ink.

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