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4 Free Count and Match 1 to 20 Worksheets | 15+ Free Pages

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In this article, we will show you some fun ways to count and match from 1 to 20. These count-and-match worksheets will help the kids grow their sense of counting and match the same numbers.

4 Free Interactive Worksheets for Counting and Matching 1 to 20

We have divided our worksheets into 4 sections. Each section consists of 4 pages. So, from here, you can get above 20+ free interactive worksheet pages for teaching your kid number recognition, number sense, and so on.

count and match 1 to 20

Counting Objects

Worksheet #1

Counting Dots

Worksheet #2

Counting Stars

Worksheet #3

Cut and Paste

Worksheet #4

Count and Match Objects 1 to 20

Here is the PDF for a count and match from 1 to 20. In these worksheets, the kids need to count the objects and match them with their similar numbers.

This is the PDF worksheet to count and match 1 to 20. Give this to the students for their practice.

Counting Dots and Matching 1 to 20

Dot counting is a fun way to understand the numbers. There are stars in the sky that look like a dot to us. A child can easily count similar dots and grow a sense of numbers.

For this reason, we have made worksheets based on dot counting. Count and match 1 to 20 with dots from the PDF worksheets below.

Counting Stars and Matching 1 to 20

In this section, we have put some stars in the worksheets. Count these stars and match the same number. You can also follow the match the same number worksheets of ours.

Here is the PDF to count and match 1 to 20 worksheets.

Count and Match 1 to 20 with Cut and Paste Activity

Here we have given a cut-and-paste activity for the little champs. You need to cut the numbers and paste them beside the correct number of figures. First, you need to count the objects and place the suitable numbers beside them.

Download Practice Worksheet PDF

Here we have discussed 4 free and fun ways to count the numbers and match them from 1 to 20. Counting objects, dots, and stars is almost similar on the other hand the cut-and-paste activity is something more interactive. Download the free printable worksheets and practice them for your kindergarten students.

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