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12 Free Kindergarten Money Worksheets | Fun Activities

These kindergarten money worksheets will help visualize and understand counting money and coins. Kindergarten students will learn basic money-counting methods and can improve their basic math skills with our free printable kindergarten money worksheets.

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12 Exciting Kindergarten Money Worksheets

Please download the following kindergarten money worksheets and practice money problems on the pages.

money worksheets

Matching Game

Worksheet #1

Counting coins

Worksheet #2

Recognizing Coins

Worksheet #3

Count and Match

Worksheet #4

Value Writing Game

Worksheet #5

Sorting Game

Worksheet #6

Set of Bills

Worksheet #7

Bakery Items

Worksheet #8

Price Guessing

Worksheet #9

Money Challenge

Worksheet #10

Finding Change

Worksheet #11

Money Riddles

Worksheet #12

Matching Coins with Their Names Game for Money

See the following worksheet of matching coins. 

  • Here, you will see on the first page the list of coins and their names that have been used in our worksheets.
  • Match the correct coins according to their names on the second page.

Matching Coins with Their Value Game for Money

You need to know the values of the coins first. Then match the coins with their values.

Fun Counting Coins Worksheet for Kindergarten Students

Identify the number of each of the coins from the following chart.  Use the coin identification list to do the task skillfully.

Identifying U.S Coins Game (Penny, Nickle, Dime, Quarter)

This time, the activity will be quite different than the last one. Here, after counting all the coins, you have to identify them.

Recognizing Pennies

Find the number of pennies, as they are all mixed up in the following jar.

Identifying Nickle

Identify the number of nickels, as they are all mixed up in the following jar.

Introducing Dime

Introduce the number of dimes, as they are all mixed up in the following jar.

Identifying Quarter

Identify the number of quarters, as they are all mixed up in the following jar.

Count and Match Coins with Their Value

Here, add the coin values after counting each one to determine the total amount of money. See each row of coins and accurately identify each one. The total is then obtained by adding the corresponding values. After that, match the value with the correct coins.

Count Money and Write Their Values

The following worksheet shows money. Add them and write the value in the gaps.

Sort Money According to Their Values

Carefully cut out the money at the bottom of the page and place it in the appropriate piggy bank to finish this task.

Add Values to a Set of Bills Worksheet 

This worksheet provides the addition of coins. Add up the coins properly and write the value in the gaps.

Add Money to Buy Bakery Items

This is our task for this worksheet: to find the amount of money required. See the following worksheet, where each of the items is given a price. Practice adding up coin values and match each group of coins to the item it pays for.

Guess the Money Worksheet

This is our task for this worksheet: to find the amount of money required. See the following worksheet, where the product is given with a price. And how much money you have for yourself is also provided. Find the amount of money you need to buy those products.

Counting Money Challenge for Kindergarten

This worksheet will be based on this criterion. Your task is to find out if the money that you are going to give for each of the following products is enough or not, and after finding out whether it is enough or not, circle yes or no.

Calculating Change Activity

This activity will be based on left-over money. Find the change that you are going to get for each of the following products.

Money Riddles for Kindergarten

It’s time to solve some money riddles. Each of the riddles has some clues. See the clues carefully, and find the answers to the riddles like a pro.

Download Free Printable Worksheet PDF

Download the following combined PDF and enjoy your practice session.

So today, we’ve discussed some money worksheets for kindergarten using the concepts of regrouping, identifying, recognizing, matching, sorting, counting money and coins. Download our free worksheets, and after practicing these worksheets, students will surely improve their money skills and have a better understanding of money and coin counting.

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