FREE Number Line Problem Clip Cards (Three Different Levels)

Practice these number line problems using cute clip cards. Your children will be practicing finding the missing number. Clip cards go from 10 to 1,000. Need more number sense activities? Check out 50 Activites to Build Number Sense.

My kindergarten twins are at the age where our math lessons are focused on building number sense. We are playing with base ten blocks, working on number lines, and using the hundreds chart a lot. 

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All of these activities help our little ones to recognize numbers, start seeing patterns, and even begin to understand place value. 

And today’s activity is another simple way to build that number sense. 

So without further ado, here are some number line problems.

Prep- Work

With just a little cutting these guys will be ready in no time. 

  1. First, print off the number lines you want. There are number lines that just stay in the teens. Some for two-digit numbers up to 100. And then there are the number lines that work in the hundreds. 
  2. Next, cut them out and laminate for extra durability.
  3. Finally, gather up some clothespins and you are ready to go. 

Number Line Problems

Now it is time to get down to work. 

FREE Number Line Problem Clip Cards (Three Different Levels)

Each card has a number line with a few numbers on it and a pumpkin. The children have to figure out what number the pumpkin is on. 

Many are pretty simple. Our little ones can simply count up (one-to-one correspondence), and boom they have figured out the number. Now they just have to find the correct number to clip. 

But this example is one that really got my sweet kindergartener. To figure this one out, you have to count backward! He had to start at 41, be able to move back one to 40, and then finally know that 39 came before the 40. It was a little tricky for him, and we will be spending a lot more time on activities just like this. 

But overall these fun number line puzzles were a great way to get in counting, one-to-one correspondence, and number recognition. 

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FREE Number Line Problem Clip Cards (Three Different Levels)

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FREE Number Line Problem Clip Cards (Three Different Levels)


FREE Number Line Problem Clip Cards (Three Different Levels)

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