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FREE No-Prep Adding by 10 Game | Thanksgiving Theme

Adding by 10

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This simple, no-prep adding by 10 game is an easy way to practice adding by 10 with two-digit numbers. Only one page to print and you are ready to go!

Talk to anyone who is good at doing mental math. Ask them how they solve addition problems, and you will probably find a common theme. The majority of them, if not all of them, work around 10’s.

They may get the number ones place to the nearest ten. Or they may add the number in the tens place by 10.

Knowing how to get to 10 and add by 10 is the first step in being able to do the mental math….so today we have a fun game to practice adding by 10.

Adding by 10 game with paper covering numbers.

Adding by 10 is an important part of building number sense in children. If you are unsure on how to do this for your children, these lessons are for you. These 30 lessons take you step-by-step through 30 activities. They are scripted so you know just what to say and how to help your students. 

Number Sense Activities

Before you jump right into the game, it is important your little ones have strategies for solving adding by 10 problems. The Building Numbers Sense class will take you step-by-step on how to do this, or you could try one of these activities.

This simple game has children using Carson Dellosa blocks on the hundreds chart so they can visually see what adding by 10 looks like.

After that, you can step away from the Carson Dellosa blocks and allow the children to practice adding by multiples of 10 with these clip cards. 

Both of these activities are very hands-on, and will help your children get used to moving up the hundreds chart. Then you can move onto this game.

Adding By 10 Game

Adding by 10 game with paper covering numbers.

There are just a few materials needed for this game to practice adding tens. Print off a game board per player. Then gather up a game piece, blocks to cover up the numbers, and a die. And if they need it, a hundreds chart may help our struggling learners.

  1. Player one rolls the die and moves that many spaces.
  2. Then player one solves the problem, and player two checks it on the calculator.
  3. If player one answered correctly, he may cover up that number on the BINGO board.
  4. Now it is player two’s turn to roll and solve, while player one checks the math.
  5. Players take a turn doing this until someone has five in a row.

It’s that simple. Your little ones get to practice adding by 10 while having fun!

Adding by 10 Game Printable

Below is the free Thanksgiving-themed adding 10 game printable. You can print this game by pressing on the download button and saving it to your device and then printing it.

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