Free Halloween Owl Printable Activities: I Spy and Matching Game

Halloween Owl Printables

Take a look at these free Halloween Owl activities. They are just adorable and so fun. If you are a teacher, homeschooling or just have kids at home and looking for some Halloween things to do, then you don’t want to miss these.

I mean, everyone (including this site!) has pumpkin coloring pages, Halloween coloring pages and even witch hat coloring sheets, but how many websites have Halloween owls?

Free Halloween Owl Printable Activities: I Spy and Matching Game

How did owls become a symbol of Halloween?

Ever since the early 18th century, when Charles Dickens wrote about fictional character, Mr. Fagin in Oliver Twist, owls have been associated with negative connotations and have even been the subject of a number of urban legends.

They are also often used as symbols of wisdom and knowledge. The most commonly used word for a witch’s familiar is ‘owl’ in many European languages. A witch’s familiar is their servant, or like a lesser known or less powerful demon.

Symbolically, witches would carry their familiar on their head to give them power — this idea is similar to how an owl carries its prey. The association between witches and owls was so strong that a popular name used for witches during this time period was ‘hag’ which literally means ‘owl.”

In South America, witches are known as brujas or brujos which literally means “witches.” This is because South American witches use owl feathers in their concoctions for healing purposes and for magic spells practiced by dancers known as “Santo Domingo” (Saint Dominic).

owl at night

Another theory about owls being associated with Halloween is that during the Middle Ages , owls were considered harbingers of death because they hooted outside cemeteries before funerals took place.

Death was one of the scariest things people had to worry about at this time; so it made sense to associate an animal that warned you about death with owls.

There are many misconceptions about owls. For example, did you know that an owl’s eyes have a unique property? They have a reflective layer behind the retina and this makes it easier for the owl to see in dark areas, like at night!

And, they don’t just sit and wait for their prey to come; they move around and search for it. Owls often share their territory with other animals like snowshoe hares, foxes, and coyotes. Interestingly enough, owls are one of the most intelligent birds!

halloween owls printable matching game

Owls are bird species that are often associated with witches, death and magic. The first record of a Halloween celebration dates back to the 18th century, when American children dressed up as witches and thus trick-or-treated for sweets and other candies on their doorsteps. This tradition was later adopted by British children, who would dress up as ghosts or goblins at home before heading out to collect ‘treats’ or money on Halloween night.

Halloween Owls in India

Halloween in India is a fun and spooky night. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm and it is a tradition to dress up every kid in their favorite Halloween costume. The most popular costumes are the owl, vampire, witch, joker, and cat.

Another popular costume among kids in India is the Owlman which is a combination of a man and an owl. He is a Marvel character.

halloween owls i spy printable game

Halloween Owl Games

Ok, that’s enough about owls at Halloween time. Here are your free printable Halloween activities. One is an I Spy Game, the other is a matching game. And, don’t forget to check out all the free coloring pages I have on this site too.

As always, before printing anything on this site, you can scroll through it and see what you want. Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

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