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Beginning Sounds Activities

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Need an easy beginning letter sound review? Check out these free alphabet beginning sounds activities that include 6 different full-color worksheets to practice matching letters to sounds. All you need is the printable, magnetic letters, and a cookie tray.

I couldn’t see my feet. A large protruding belly was blocking my view.

I could hear and feel my swollen feet pound out a  steady beat on the asphalt, but the constant chatter of my almost 18-month-old demanded my attention.




Beginning sounds activities worksheet that is filled with images of various things and magnetic letters.

Learning Letters Sounds

You might expect that he was pointing to objects we were observing on his walk. But no, this 18-month-old was coming up with words that start with the letter G.

Yes, he was practicing his beginning letter sounds. What had started with foam letter in the bathtub, had evolved into this word game that kept him occupied while his mom tried to stay in shape for the upcoming delivery of his brother.

I loved those precious walks with my oldest child. Loved listening to his questions. Loved hearing him proudly share his new found knowledge.

Most of all, I’m grateful for how quickly he was learning his letters, numbers, and shapes.

Since those fun summer walks, three more little ones have been added to our household, and I’ve learned something about these precious kiddos that God has blessed me with. 

Just as it is with the children that sat in my classroom, these little ones are not going to learn the same way or in the same time frame.

While some children can learn their letters and sounds from simple bath time play, others need more exposure and different activities.

As summer begins to wind down, we will be starting back to our homeschool schedule. I plan on including the twins in our daily schedule.

This is a couple weeks away, and in the meantime, I wanted to bring the play out of the bathtub. Both of these cutie pies could use some extra exposure to the letters before we dive into a more planned learning time.

Wanting to bridge that gap, I decided a new printable was just what we needed. So here we are with a cookie tray beginning letter sound match.

Beginning Letter Sound Activities: What You Need

1. Free beginning letter sound match printables found at the end of the post. Included in the attached link is 6 printable pages that focus on 5 letters. Each page contains 15 pictures, three for each letter.

2. Magnetic letters – Your child will need three of each letter.

3. Cookie Tray

How to Teach Beginning Sounds 

First way:

My little girl is probably the only toddler that says yes more than no. For the longest time, she wouldn’t even say the word no.

We would be asking her questions about her day, and all we would get was an excited yes! We might end the conversations with a did you climb on top of the roof today.

And guess what, we get an enthusiastic yes.

The speech teacher is working with her on saying yes and no in the right place, and this activity can provide another avenue for this practice.

“Does the A go on the calculator?”


“No, the A doesn’t go on the calculator the C does!” We almost sing that line to keep it upbeat and fun, and I always show her the C when I say the C.

The goal is for her to hear the no, but in a fun almost musical way.

She is also hearing and seeing what goes there. The more we practice this the better she will get at her letters, and hopefully using her yes and no’s correctly.

Beginning sounds activities worksheet that is filled with images of various things and magnetic letters.

Second way:

Her twin is in a different place. He is a verbal, strong willed, do it himself, smart little guy. A conversation with him may look something like this.

“What is this?” I ask while pointing at a picture.

“Bat” he answers.

“What letter does bat start with?”


“Yes, B says bbbb.” I would answer and then make sure he could hear that sound in the word bat.

If he got it wrong, I would go back to a conversation like I had with my little girl.

Beginning sounds activities worksheet that is filled with images of various things and magnetic letters.

Third way:

If your child is pretty good at their letters, let them do it on their own. You may be surprised that they can do it all by themselves.

If you see them struggling you can always back up and try one of the conversations above.

Our little ones grow so quickly. Enjoy this special time with them as they explore their world and how that corresponds to letters.

Free Beginning Sounds Worksheets

Below are the beginning sounds worksheets. You can download them by clicking on the download button. Have fun doing these letter sound activities with your children.


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