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Counting to 50

Every teacher or homeschooling parent loves a no or low prep activity. These Counting to 50 worksheets are perfect for kindergarten aged students. There are several options for them to practice counting 1-50.

And, there are tracing exercises, a dice game and more. All students benefit from multisensory learning, and these activities do just that.

assortment of counting to 50 activities for kindergarten

When kids first learn to count to 50, they often are just rote memorizing and reciting.

That’s why something like “find the missing number” worksheet is so valuable. Really grasping a concept means that you can identify when a number is missing, not just recite it in order.

These count to 50 games and counting 1 to 50 worksheets are perfect for seat work, small groups, centers or if a parent asks you for activities to practice at home.

Grab these free printable counting to 50 games to help pre-k, kindergarten, and first graders working on numbers 1-50.

Plus, these number puzzles for kids have very limited visual clutter on the page. This allows a child to focus on the activity and not be distracted by other words or images.

Simply download and print pdf file with printable number puzzles and you and your kiddos are ready to learn and have fun.

Count to 50 Worksheets

Included in this kindergarten worksheet packet are:

  • Race to 50 Dice Game
  • Race to 50 Color Block
  • Count to 50 Do a Dot
  • 1-50 find and cover
  • 1-50 find and color
  • Find the missing number 1-50
  • Tracing numbers 1-50
  • Writing Numbers 1-50
  • Flash cards 1-50

If your student is not ready to count to 50, I have the same packet of worksheets and activities for Counting 1-20. You can use those until your child has mastered that skill.

Count to 50 Worksheets

Here you go, here are the Count to 50 worksheets and activities. You’ve got this!

How to Use these Counting to 50 Worksheets

Gather the class or group in a circle. Have the class count out loud to 50. I have found it helpful to stop at every 10.

When children seem eager for a new challenge, I have them go around the circle and say the next number.

Optional: If children have difficulty, ask them to count by 10 silently and say every second number aloud. Or, help children learn the pattern of skip-counting by twos, fives, or tens.

Next, start over and count to 20 and then to 50.

Counting Worksheets

The first set (linked below) starts with counting to 20 and eventually moves to counting to 50.

Adding–yes, these worksheets have my other site name on them, as I was originally going to publish them there.

Common Core Alignment-Counting

1.NBT.1 Count to 120, starting at any number less than 120. In this range, read and write numerals and represent a number of objects with a written numeral. This activity does not go to 120, but lays the foundation for that skill.

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