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6 Free 4 Times Table Worksheets | Fun Activities

These free 4 times table worksheets will help to visualize and understand multiplication and number systems. 1st grade students will learn basic multiplication methods and can improve their basic math skills with our free printable 4 times table worksheets.

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6 Free 4 Times Table Worksheets

Our kids may learn the fundamentals of mathematics quickly and actively with the aid of these 4 times table worksheets in PDF format. Download the following PDFs and practice.

4 times table worksheets

Count & Color

Worksheet #1

Find the Product

Worksheet #2

Complete the Circle

Worksheet #3

Match the Product

Worksheet #4

Missing Numbers

Worksheet #5

Count the Dots

Worksheet #6

Students must solve multiplication problems in 4x table worksheets in order to color the various components of the artwork, complete the circle, match the correct answers, etc.

Find the Product Multiplied by 4

Now follow the activities, download the worksheets, and practice!!

4 Times Table Chart

The 4 times table is a basic multiplication table that is taught in elementary school. It is crucial to understand this table since it lays the groundwork for more intricate mathematical ideas.

4 times table

6 Fun Activities to Learn and Practice 4 Times Table

Follow the following activities and download the attached worksheets. These worksheets will aid your kiddos to have some fun with 4 times table worksheets.

Count the 4s Product and Color Using 4 Times Table

In this activity, preschool students need to find the 4 multiplication products and color them. 

Color the 4s product

Now as you have learned this new trick to count and color according to 4 times multiplication table.


Find the Product of 4 Using 4 Times Table

Here, students from kindergarten will multiply other numbers by 4. Tell them to use the 4 times table we have provided in the worksheets if they need it.

Find the product in 4 times table worksheets

Download the following worksheet and practice more.


Complete the Circle by Multiplying a Number by 4 Using 4 Times Table

You can see in the inner circle of the three circles, a number is given which is 4. In the second outer circle, another 4 numbers are given. The 3rd outermost circle is blank. You need to multiply the numbers from the 2nd circle with the 4 given in the inner circle. Then, write the product in the third outer circle. 

Complete the circle in 4 times table worksheets

As you have understood the activity, I hope you will enjoy the whole activity given in the following pdf.


Match the Product of 4 Times Multiplication Using 4 Times Table

Here, your young champs from grade 1 or 2 must multiply and find the products of given data. Now, you will find that the products of the expressions are also given in the worksheet but the products are not in the right place. The task of this activity is to match the product of the expression by drawing a line.

Match the product in 4 times table worksheets

Assuming you have a good understanding of the exercise, I hope you will appreciate the entire activity provided in the pdf that follows.


Find the Missing Number of 4 Times Table

Give instructions to your child to find the multiplicand that is multiplied by 4 to get the product. The missing number will be found by dividing the product by 4. You can also use the 4 times multiplication table for practicing first.

Find the missing number in 4 times table worksheets

Now, download the following worksheet PDF and practice with your child.


Count the Dots and Find the 4 Times Multiplication Product

Here, you will find that there are dots from the dice. 4 dots are found in each dice. Total dot numbers are given as products. Now find the two multiplicands of that product to get the product. First, count the dots of one die. You will find 4 dots in every dice. So 4 is one multiplicand. Another multiplicand is the number of dice. 

Count the dots and find the products            

I hope you will enjoy the entire activity provided in the following pdf. Play the game with your young champions and have fun.


Download the Free PDF Worksheet

Download the following combined PDF to practice more with your students.


We’ve discussed multiplication with 4 times table worksheets using the concepts of completing the circles by multiplying the numbers, filling in the correct products, matching the products, counting the dots, and filling in the missing numbers. Download our free worksheets, and after practicing these worksheets, students will surely improve their mathematical skills and have a better understanding of multiplication.

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