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R Controlled Vowels Activities | Free Printables

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A word search for R Controlled Vowels is a great center activity! I created this mainly for my child when she was teaching, but other kids could also benefit from this as practice.

Examples of R-Controlled Vowel Words

  1. car
  2. dark
  3. sister
  4. fork
  5. bar
  6. sir
  7. dirt
  8. birth etc.

These R controlled vowel activities can be quite difficult to start with and may often need lots of practice.

And that is what this cut-and-paste activity is all about. 10% of words with only one syllable have an R-controlled vowel. Children must comprehend how an r-controlled vowel changes the sound and pronunciation of words since many of the short, simple words that they learn first are r-controlled.

R Controlled Vowels Activities

When the “R” Is Bossy!

All vowels that are followed by an r are r-controlled. The vowel’s sound is altered by the r.

Vowels that are governed by the r are known as “Bossy R” vowels because the r takes control and changes the vowel’s sound. The same sound is produced by the letters er, ir, and ur in the words blur, shirt, and germ. However, ar and or are slightly different because they have multiple sounds. Ar often makes a barking noise, but she can also make a narrowing noise.

Or often makes the sound in the word “born,” but it can also make the sound in the word “short,” which is /er/.

The r-controlled vowels have at least one ‘r’ with a vowel and the vowel sounds like it is controlled by ‘r’.

Bossy R

List of R Controlled Words

A pdf of the bossy R-word lists, which include AR, ER, IR, OR, and UR is given below.

5 Exciting R Controlled Vowels Activities for Your Youngsters

These R Controlled Vowels activities can be very tricky.

And while there isn’t much help we can give our children in figuring out what vowels to use, these ideas may help them some.

Sound Strategy to Learn R Controlled Vowels

First, students will listen carefully to their teacher’s pronunciation, then they will repeat it with them.

They do it again and again until they have gained a strong knowledge of the pronunciation.

A vowel that is immediately followed by the letter “r” is said to be “R controlled” if it can no longer be sounded as a long or short vowel. The sound of the vowel is shifted when an “r” is added, producing a new vowel sound that is frequently referred to as a “growl vowel.”

Sound Strategy

Rhyming with R Controlled Vowels

Students can draw lines between rhymed words selected from two columns or listen to them.

Also, students can try to come up with rhyming couplets, such as “I know that I couldn’t get very far without a bike or a car.”


Word Match Game with Bossy R Words

Students enjoy putting words and pictures together. In addition to being enjoyable, the activity improves their memory. Since the pictures are on the other side of the pitch, I offered my youngster some words to match. After reading the words, my child will search for them.

Word Match

Let’s Do a Word Competition!

Teachers or parents can arrange a competition between the students. They ask them to memorize the r-controlled vowels and write five of them.  The student who correctly writes them first will win.

word challenge

Find R Controlled Words and Get the Treasure

Treasure hunting is an interesting game for kids, right?

Students read the words with the /r/ sound while competing in a race to acquire coins (just like a pirate!).

Until one of them gathers enough coins to win, students continue to move around the board and speak. For example, if a student reads the word “jar” which is an R-controlled word, he will get a coin. Otherwise, he will not get any coins.

treasure hunt

Download Free Printables PDF

Because words can be difficult to understand, I like to give some advice to parents and teachers. Once kids begin to understand the spelling pattern, this is done.

Because they are unfamiliar with R Controlled Vowels Activities, many students struggle to read them. Students will learn these words more quickly if we know how to teach them.

That’s why I have prepared appropriate tasks for them, such as sound strategy, rhyming, matching words, doing a word competition, and playing the Treasure Hunt Race game.

Download the attached PDF and have fun playing with the children. 


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