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8 Free Long Division Color by Number Pages | Fun Activities

Division is a fun thing to do. And if we add coloring activities to it then it becomes more enjoyable. That’s why today we have brought you 5 fun long division color by number activities.

My oldest is incredible at math. Even new concepts rarely require more than a five-minute conversation and he is ready to go off and try it. And when he comes back, surprise, he has them all right.

But we have finally found his Achilles heel. Long division.

It is one of the few skills that we have had to spend extra time on, and go back and practice regularly. Even though a long division can be long and tedious, I have wanted it to be fun for him.

So today I have some fun and simply solvable and coloring long division pages….because let’s face it. Even our older kiddos like to color. So, cutting the long discussion, let’s go through the following fun long division color by number activities.

Traditional Division Math

Now most of us know how to do the traditional division, but sometimes students need special reminders to help them remember all the steps.

And there are some great ones. Basically, what we want them to remember is that they need to divide, multiply, subtract, check, or compare that the divisor is larger than the remainder, bring down the next number, and of course, start all over again.

That is a lot to remember, so these fun mnemonic devices help our children remember the steps.

Does McDonald’s Sell Cheeseburgers Raw?

These next two, leave off the check but are quite catching.

Dead Monkeys Smell Bad Dracula Must Suck Blood Or you could always do this fun division rap.

Partial Quotients Division Math

I always like to provide my student’s options. Everyone thinks about math differently, and if they are able to do mental math you may be surprised at the different ways they come upon an answer.

So should we only teach one method, when another way may be the key to unlocking a door for them? As a public school teacher and now a home school mom, I would teach two or three methods.

Once they had a pretty good grasp on both ways, I let them choose which one works best for them.

My oldest son has chosen partial difference while my middle child prefers traditional subtraction. He also prefers lattice multiplication, and partial quotients when dividing.

I look forward to which method my middle child chooses.

How to Do Partial Quotients in Long Division

It may sound scary, but it is not. Let’s look at this problem. We are dividing 235 into five equal groups. In partials, we begin by looking at the 2 and asking ourselves what it really stands for.

Well, it stands for 200. Our next step is to ask _____ x 5 = 200. Now, this is the best part of partial products.

As long as they don’t go over, it can be any number. I can do 10 x 5 = 50 over and over again till I get the right answer. Or we can do it the easy way and say 40 x 5 = 200.

Then we put it in the division problem like this. Now, all we have left is 35. And we ask the question again. ____ x 5 = 35.

Well, we know that 7 x 5 = 35 so we put in the information like this. Now, all that is left is finding the answer. And we do this by adding up all the factors in the right-hand corner.

And we see that the answer is 47. It is that easy.

5 Fun Long Division Color by Number Activities

The division is quite fun to do. But the long division isn’t, right? What could be better if you get to play and color by solving each long division problem?

Sounds fun!!! That’s why you should come along with us to start this coloring journey along with solving long division.

In the following section, you will find five simple and easy long division color by number activities.

How will you solve each activity? Read the following steps.

  • Just see the long division problems given in each part of the image and after solving and finding the answer go to the color code to see the assigned color.
  • For example, if any parts give the result 11 then go to the color code and see what color is assigned for the number 11.
  • Then start to color that part with the assigned color and go to the next portion for coloring.

Activity 1: Coloring Butterfly Wings with Long Division

Butterflies! Sounds amazing. What can be more colorful and vibrant than a pair of butterfly wings? To start our long division color activity, we will take the help of a butterfly wing.

Here, your little champ has to solve some long divisions, and based on that answer, he or she has to color different parts of the butterfly wings. 

Using Long Division to Color Butterfly Wings

Activity 2: Do Long Division and Color the Balloons

You are making a birthday card for your best friend. Here, you are drawing three balloons on the card. After drawing, it’s time for coloring.

Before coloring, you have to solve some long-division problems. Then, use the required color based on the result. 

Coloring Balloons by Solving Long Division

Activity 3: Dinosaur Theme Long Division Coloring Activity

Dinosaur!!! There is no need to be afraid. Because this is a friendly one. You can see various long divisions. After solving those divisions, color the whole picture accordingly. 

Coloring a Dinosaur after Solving Long Divisions

Activity 4: Solving Long Division and Coloring Flowers

We are talking about color without mentioning anything about flowers. In this activity, you will color various flowers along with yourself after solving some long-division problems. 

Colring Flower and Flower Base Based on Long Division

Activity 5: Long Division Color by Number Ice cream Activity

The last and final activity will be to give your favorite ice cream as a reward for completing these activities. Solve each of the long divisions on the following image and then color according to the instruction.

Tada!!! Now enjoy the ice cream. 

Drawing and Colring Icecream for Long Division

Download Free Printable PDF

In the above discussion, I have discussed various interesting activities regarding long division color by number for your little champs. These activities will help your students enhance their skills regarding these types of long division problems.

The free long division color by number pdf is available for download below. You can download this practice sheet by clicking on the download button and printing it from your device.

Please feel free to give any feedback regarding this article. Also, if your little one is having trouble doing these activities, let us know in the comment section.


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