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Subtracting Mixed Fractions With Regrouping Visually | Interactive Notebook | Free Printable


Subtracting Mixed Fractions

Want to clearly teach your students how to do subtracting mixed fractions with regrouping? Check out this free interactive notebook.

Do you love teaching fractions or do you absolutely dread it? It may sound weird, but I love teaching fractions. They can be complex and simple at the same time, and they require me to think outside the box to get every child to understand them.

One challenging skill is teaching children to subtract mixed numbers with regrouping. Face it, regrouping is hard enough, but add fractions to that and it can be enough to send teachers and students through the wall.

Subtracting Fractions with Regrouping

I’ve found that whenever there is a skill that requires a lot of steps, an interactive notebook approach can be very helpful for many students. Having the steps right there in a notebook give students a resource that they can come back to.

This interactive notebook for subtracting mixed numbers with regrouping has a step-by-step guide, and flip squares to guide the process.

Subtracting mixed fractions interactive notebook with circles colored in purple.

How to Subtract Mixed Fractions

In this workbook, there are 3 steps to help students practice subtracting mixed numbers with regrouping.

1. Fraction Problem

This square is simply there to inform children what the problem is.

A square of paper with a fraction problem on it.

2. Modeling Subtraction of Fractions

  • Our first step is to model the subtraction problem. Students look back at the problem, and color in the model to represent the number that they will be subtracting from.
A piece of paper with a model of fractions colored in purple.
  • Students then decide if they need to regroup.
  • If they need to regroup, have students take a marker and divide one of the wholes into parts. (This interactive notebook has already provided the parts, but you may want to talk about using the denominator as a guide for knowing how many parts they should use to break the whole apart.)
A piece of paper with fractions colored in purple.
  • Now the students cross out the parts that need to be subtracted.
A piece of paper with fractions colored in purple and a black marker.
  • Finally, they have the answer! Have students count up how many wholes are left and how many fractional parts are left. This is the answer.

3. Regrouping of Fractions

Modeling subtraction of fractions is an important step so that children can visualize and understand the math they are doing. Equally important, children should be able to link the algorithm to the model. This third square allows the children to do this.

  1. Children look at the model that was colored in and write what the problem will look like once the regrouping is done. (To make this part easier you can have them write the problem before they subtract.)
A piece of paper with the fraction equation rewritten.

2. Next, they write how many they are subtracting.

3. They solve.

4. Finally, they verify that the answer from the model and the answer from the algorithm match. If it does, well they are done. If not, time to figure out the misconception and fix it!

Subtracting Fractions

This free subtracting mixed numbers workbook includes 10 problems for you and your students to work through. You also get a step-by-step instruction your students can glue into their math notebooks to help them remember the steps.

So whether you love teaching fractions or you dread it, this resource is here to make your life a little easier.

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You’ve Got This

Subtraction Mixed Numbers Worksheet

Below is the free subtraction mixed numbers interactive workbook. You can download this printable by clicking on the download button.



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