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5 Free Multiplication Circles Worksheet

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This multiplication circles worksheet will help visualize and understand multiplication. 1st-7th grade students will learn basic multiplication methods and can improve their basic math skills with our free printable multiplication circles worksheet.

5 Exciting Multiplication Circles Worksheet for Your Youngsters

Please download the following multiplication circles worksheet and practice multiplication problems on the pages.

Multiplication Circles

Circle Multiplication

Worksheet #1

Completing Circle

Worksheet #2

Word Problems

Worksheet #3


Worksheet #4


Worksheet #5

Multiplication with Circle: Easy or Tough?

Using circles, you may visualize the pattern that results from multiplying two or more numbers by the same factor. 

The following technique is simple to learn multiplication with a circle.

  • The fundamental concept is to start with a circle with ten points and join the dots for the last digit of each product of a multiplication problem. 
  • Count the number of spaces you are multiplying by forward, starting at zero. For this example, we multiplied by 4.
  • The result of the 4 times table will be 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24….
  • Count four spaces forward and mark the number four.
  • Count 4 more spaces and again mark the number 8.
  • Count 4 more spaces and the number will be 12.
  • Continue this process until the final result.

using 4 times table to describe multiplication circles worksheet

Times Table for Multiplication Circles

This worksheet is an enjoyable way to teach times tables to children.

  • Using the addition method, you can quickly learn multiplication tables.
  •  For instance, if you wish to multiply 4 by 5, you can add 4 five times to get the answer, which is the same as 4*5 = 20, which is 4+4+4+4+4=20.
  • To move to the next step, 4*6 will be the addition of 4 for 6 times which is 4+4+4+4+4+4=24.

describing times table to understand multiplication circles

Multiplication Circles by Solving Puzzle

Now it’s time to solve the multiplication circle puzzles to achieve more knowledge.

  • First, memorize the tables of 5.
  • You can also use addition to solve multiplication.
  • In this multiplication example, 5*3 will be the addition of 5 three times which is 5+5+5=15. So,5*3=15.

solving puzzles to know multiplication circles

Multiplication Word Problem with Circle

A word problem is a short passage presenting a “real-life” situation where an issue needs to be solved using math.  

Problem: Sam buys six chocolates. The price of one bar of chocolate is $2. Find the total price of the six chocolates. Look, this is a word problem.

  • This problem will lead you to do multiplication. 
  • The price of one bar of chocolate is $2. You need to multiply the number of chocolates and the price of one to know the total cost. 
  • So, the total cost = number of chocolates x the price of one chocolate.
  • We can solve the multiplication through the times table wheel.
  • Therefore, the total number of legs will be = 6×2 = 12.

using word problem to describe multiplication circles

Multiplication Circles with Squared Numbers 

An integer raised to the power of 2 is always used to represent the square term.

  • To determine the given number’s square, we must multiply it by itself. 
  • For example, the square of 9 is equal to 9*9=81.

using squares to know multiplication circles

Multiplication Circles by Cubed Numbers

In mathematics and algebra, a number’s cube is its third power or the outcome of multiplying three occurrences of a number together.

  • To determine the given number’s cube, we must multiply it by itself 3 times. 
  • For example, the square of 9 is equal to 9*9*9=729.

using cubes to describe multiplication circles

Download the Free Printable Worksheet

Download the following combined PDF and enjoy your practice session.

So today, we’ve discussed multiplication circles worksheet using the concepts of times table, cube, square, and some interactive word problems. Download our free worksheets, and after practicing these worksheets, students will surely improve their mathematical skills and have a better understanding of multiplication.

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