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Multi Digit Subtraction Word Problems | Free Worksheet

This article will give you multi digit subtraction word problems for grade 1-5 students. The PDF attached to this article will provide you with worksheets for word problems containing multi digit subtraction. We know that there are four basic operations in mathematics. They are- addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Among four of them, we will work on subtraction word problems.

5 Worksheets on Multi Digit Subtraction Word Problems

Please download the following worksheets and practice more.

Multi Digit Subtraction Word Problems

Worksheet 1

Worksheet #1

Worksheet 2

Worksheet #2

Worksheet 3

Worksheet #3

Worksheet 4

Worksheet #4

Worksheet 5

Worksheet #5

In real life, you need to work with multi digits. Multi-digit numbers are those that have more than one digit in mathematics. They consist of two or more digits, with each digit’s value depending on where it is in the number.

A digit’s place value is determined by its position within a multi-digit number; the rightmost digit represents the unit’s place, the next digit to the left represents the tens place, and so on.

The problematic section of the question is made harder by word problems. Hence, while resolving issues, pay close attention. Try to determine what is required in the word problem by carefully reading the problems out loud.

Two students are thinking about multi digit subtraction problems

4 Interactive Word Problems for Multi Digit Subtraction

Our children from grades 1-5, especially children from 4th grade to 5th grade, will be able to learn basic mathematics very quickly and interactively with the help of these multi digit subtraction word problems. These methods should assist your young champ in learning the basics of mathematical operation learning and laying a solid foundation.

  1. 2 Digit Subtraction Fun
  2. Subtraction Regrouping
  3. 2 Digit Subtraction from Triple Digits
  4. Theme Based Multi Digit Subtraction

2 Digit Subtraction Fun

The students in grade 1 should participate in this activity. So, this task will be significantly simpler for kids in higher grades than other activities.

Problem: Suppose you have 24 candies. From there, you gave 12 candies to your sister. How many candies are left to you?

Solution: Look, this is a simple problem with a two-digit subtraction. Let’s solve it step by step.

  • First look at the numbers. Extract them from the word problem.
  • To get the number of remaining candies, you need to subtract 12 from 24.
  • So the expression will be 24-12.
  • Write down the numbers carefully. Maintain the column of the numbers.
  • Now subtract them.
  • So you will find the total number of balls. The number is 12.

2 digit subtraction in multidigit subtraction word problems

Subtraction Regrouping

In subtraction, regrouping is a basic idea for students when they add two numbers. Another name for this regrouping is “Carry Over”. A subtraction problem may have regrouping or not. Let’s consider both of the situations. This problem is for grade 2, grade 3 and grade 4 students.

With Regrouping

Problem: Jack has 27 balloons. He gave 19 balloons to his sisters. How many balloons does he have now?


  • First, extract the numbers from the word problem.
  • You need to subtract 19 from 27 to get the number of balloons.
  • Write down the numbers 27 and 19 in a column.
  • First, subtract the ones and place numbers 7 and 9. You will get 8. As 7 is less than 9, you need to borrow an extra ten from the 1 of 19. Write down the 8 in the place of the result.
  • Now, you have a carry 1. You add this carry to the tens place.
  • You have 2 and 1 at the tens place. Add the carry with 1. So, you have 2 and 2. Subtract 2 from 2. You will find 0.
  • Write down the number in the tens place of the result.
  • Finally, you get the result 08.

multi digit subtraction word problems with regrouping

Without Regrouping

Problem: A class has 38 students. 12 of them went out to play on the ground. How many students remained in the classroom?


  • You need to subtract the number 12 from 38 to get the total number of students remaining in class.
  • Write down the numbers 38 and 12 in a column.
  • Subtract the ones and place numbers first.
  • Then subtract the tens place numbers.
  • You will get the number of students remaining is 26.

multi digit subtraction word problems without regrouping

2 Digit Subtraction from Triple Digits

Problem: A children’s choir has 163 students. Among them 56 students are boys. What is the number of girls in that children’s choir?


  • First, extract the numbers from the word problem and write them down column by column. Here the numbers are 163 and 56.
  • After that, subtract 56 from 163 in one’s place. Then do the same for ten’s place and hundred’s place respectively. Here is an application of carryover. Let the students try it themselves.
  • Finally, you will get the result 107.

2 digit subtraction from triple digit

Theme Based Multi Digit Subtraction

This problem is especially for grade 5 students. The pdf contains more worksheets about this kind of problem. Have a look at that.

Problem: A school has 365 students. Among them 215 students are boys. Suppose you are a student of that school. You have 60 students in your class. In the last math test, 42 students passed. You have got 88 out of 100. Your friend Paul has got 75. As he had got fewer marks, he was sad. You have 8 chocolates and gave 5 chocolates to Paul from that.

  • How many girls are there in your school?
  • How many students have failed the last test in your class?
  • Calculate the number Paul got lower than you.
  • How many chocolates did you have after giving Paul?


  • Number of girls = 365-215 = 150.
  • Students have failed in last test = 60-42 = 18.
  • The number Paul got lower = 88-75=13.
  • You have the number of chocolates after giving Paul = 8-5=3.

theme base multi digit subtraction word problem

Double Digit Addition and Subtraction

This problem is suitable for grade 4 and grade 5 students. Hopefully, your students will enjoy the addition and subtraction problems.

Problem: Suppos you have 35 balloons. Your father bought another 15 balloons and gave them to you. Then, your little sister came to you and wanted some balloons. You gave her 28 balloons. How many balloons do you have now?


  • First, add 35 and 15 to get the total number of your balloons. You will find the summation is 50.
  • Then from there, you need to subtract the number of balloons you gave to your sister.
  • Subtract 28 from 50. You will get the answer 22.
  • So, you have 22 balloons in your hand.

Double digit addition and subtraction

Download Free Printable PDF with Worksheets

Download the following free printable pdf with worksheets with lots of exercises.

Every method for resolving word puzzles that contain multi-digit subtraction word problems will be shown to you. I’m hoping that these activities will help you and your kids establish a setting that is suitable for learning basic mathematical concepts. I hope your kids will like the entire activity.

Please feel free to leave any nice remarks and recommendations for us in the comment area.

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