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12 Free Fall Preschool Math Activities Related Worksheets

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These fall preschool math activities worksheets will help to visualize and understand number recognition and number systems. Preschoolers will learn basic mathematical operations and can improve their basic math skills with our free printable fall preschool math worksheets.

12 Fun and Exciting Fall Preschool Math Worksheets

Please download the following fall preschool math worksheets and practice various math activities on the pages.

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Trace and Color

Worksheet #1

Pumkin Tower

Worksheet #2

Apple Activities

Worksheet #3

Count and Circle 

Worksheet #4

Add and Subtract

Worksheet #5

Leaf Counting

Worksheet #6

Sorting Activity

Worksheet #7

Hunting Objects

Worksheet #8

Teeth Counting

Worksheet #9

Missing Acron

Worksheet #10

Roll and Color

Worksheet #11

Cut and Paste

Worksheet #12

15 Fun Fall Preschool Math Activities

In the following section, you will find fifteen fun and exciting fall preschool math activities. Each of the activities will be different from the others and require you to think differently each time to solve them.

Get into fall with these cool fall-related math activities.

Trace and Color Activity for Fall Themed Math Worksheet

See the number given under each tree. Trace the number and reveal its value. Then color the same amount of apples from the tree.

Building Pumpkin Tower with Ten Blocks for Fall Themed Math Worksheet

See the pumpkins in the following worksheets. Each of the pumpkins has some numbers on them. Also, you will find some ten blocks beside each pumpkin. Notice the number of every pumpkin and fill the ten blocks of that pumpkin by drawing a black circle equal to the number given in the pumpkin.

Identify the Correct Shape in Fall Themed Math Worksheet

You will see apples of different geometric shapes in the following worksheets. Identify each shape of the apple and write the name of the shape below each of the apples.

Find the Next Apple in Pattern for Fall Themed Math Worksheet

Let’s solve some pattern problems. You will see a series of apples in this worksheet. Each of the series has a fixed pattern of apples. Identify the pattern and draw the following two apples for each series.

Count and Circle Activity for Fall Themed Math Worksheet

Count the number of objects in each image of the following worksheet. Then, from the given choices, circle the number that matches the number of objects.

Fall Themed Pumpkin Seed Counting Activity after Addition and Subtraction

We will do some simple additions and subtractions with pumpkin seeds. Notice the mathematical operation sign between two sets of pumpkin seeds. Then do addition or subtraction based on the sign and draw the correct number of seeds.

Fall Leaves Counting Activity

As fall is approaching, the trees are ready for leaf abscission. That means the phenomenon of dropping the leaves. See the number of leaves remaining on each tree and count them. Then write the correct number of leaves beside each tree.

Fall Themed Sorting Apples Based on Color Activity

Various colors of apples are drawn in this worksheet. Also, the names of the colors are provided on the first page of the worksheet. Cut the apples, sort them, and place them beside the right color code.

Hunting Object to Match Fall Leaf Number

Here you will see some maple leaves with lines drawn inside each of them. Each of the numbers tells you to collect a certain object that is equal to that number. See each leaf and match the number of lines with the number code on the second page. Then, collect all the required items as per instructions.

Apple Tree Matching Activity for Fall Themed Math Worksheet

Here, you will see apple trees with some tasty and juicy apples in them. Also, some numbers are given on the last page of this worksheet. Cut those numbers and match each of them with the correct number of apples. Then, paste those numbers beside the correct trees.

Tin Can Teeth Counting Activity for Fall Themed Math Worksheet

Here, each of the tin cans is decorated with pumpkin faces. All the faces have different numbers of teeth on them. Count the teeth for each tin can and write the number beside the tin.

Find Missing Acron Number for Fall Themed Math Worksheet

The squirrel is trying to gather some acorns. But he can’t do that because all the acorns must have a number before he can collect them. As you can see, some acorns have missing numbers in them. Find those missing numbers and help the squirrel gather all the acorns it wants.

Roll and Color Activity for Fall Themed Math Worksheet

Take a die and some coloring pencils. Roll the die. Now color the circle whose number matches the number you got from the die. Continue to do that until you finish coloring all the quarters in a single circle.

Fall Cut and Paste Activity

Some pumpkins are given in the following worksheet. Your task is to find the correct number of pumpkins in each row. Then, from the bottom of the worksheet, cut that number and paste it beside those pumpkins.

Fall Leaf Addition and Subtraction Activity

We are going to play the last activity of this entire discussion. Another simple addition and subtraction activity with fallen leaves. Add or subtract the leaves as given in the attached worksheet. Then draw the number of leaves that match that addition or subtraction answer. Happy drawing.

Download Free Printable PDF

Download the following combined PDF and enjoy your practice session.

So today, we’ve discussed fall preschool math activities worksheets using the concepts of fall-themed math problems and some interactive activities like counting, addition, and subtraction, hunting objects, sorting elements, color activity, cut and paste games, etc. Download our free worksheets, and after practicing these worksheets, students will surely improve their mathematical skills and have a better understanding of fall-themed math activities.

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