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St. Patrick’s Day Math Preschool | Free Priantables


To get your preschoolers more excited about the holidays, check out this article on St. Patrick’s Day Math for Preschool on some interesting ideas. Public holiday, cultural, and religious celebrations around Saint Patrick’s Day. The occasion has turned into a celebration of culture with parades, fine cuisine, music, dancing, drinking, and a lot of green.

using many themes to describe St Patrick's Day Math

5 Fun Preschool Math Activities on St. Patrick’s Day

Your preschoolers can learn about math through activities. Effectively involving our kids in holiday activities is also beneficial. That is why I came up with a few interactive ideas through this article about St. Patrick’s Day Math for Preschool Champs.

Can You Count the Shamrock?

Children need to develop the fundamental ability of counting. When children learn how to count, it helps them understand the concepts of numbers.

  • Write down the numbers you want kids to learn to count to.
  • Here, I write from 1 to 10.
  •  The numbers are written in a row on the shamrock.
  • After that, ask your children to repeat counting with you and memorize numbers.
  • Next, we can cover some numbers and ask them to find the missing numbers.

using shamrock to learn counting on St Patrick's Day Math Preschool

How many Hats Are there?

  • Gather all the children and give them a worksheet.
  • The worksheet is divided into two parts.
  • First, count the hats of one part.
  • Then count the other part.
  • Now the teacher asks them, “How many Hats are there?”
  • After that, they will add up the hats.
  • Whoever gives the correct answer first will be the winner.

using addition to describe St Patrick's Day Math

How Many Colors Are Missing in a Rainbow?

  • There are a total of 7 colors in a rainbow. 
  • But three of them are missing from the rainbow. 
  • Count the present number of colors in the rainbow.

using subtraction to describe St Patrick's Day Math

Mark All the Pots with a Product of 10

  • Give the students a worksheet with lots of multiplication.
  • Ask them to find the product of all the problems.
  • Then, they will mark the pot with the product of 10.
  • Whoever gives the correct answer first will get gold coins.

using multiplication to learn St Patrick's Day Math

Teach Leprechaun How to Divide!

  • Now, it’s time to solve the problems of division.
  • Take the dividend’s first digit. Verify if this digit exceeds or is equal to the divisor.
  •  Next, divide it by the divisor and write the result as the quotient on top.
  •  Subtract the outcome from the digit, and then put the difference below.

using division to describe St Patrick's Day Math

Download Free Printable Worksheet

I’ve discussed a variety of math tasks in the article about St. Patrick’s Day Math Preschool above. I’m hoping that these exercises will help your young champ improve his knowledge of this kind of issue.  Use these fun activities as you look for free pdfs on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division!


The free worksheet contains a lot of exercises along with word problems. By selecting the download button, you can save this practice sheet to your computer or mobile device and print it.

You have got this!


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