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25+ Free Missing Number Worksheets 1-20 | PDF | Preschool

Hello to our youngsters. I hope you are all doing well. To enhance your skills for finding missing numbers, we have brought you missing number worksheets 1-20.

Like finding missing letters of the alphabets, these missing number worksheets will help you boost your spirit and confidence in finding missing numbers in various situations and improve your counting skills from 1-20.

So, without any delay, let’s start our today’s journey on how to find missing numbers worksheets 1-20

7 Exciting Activities for Finding Missing Number Worksheets from 1-20

In the following discussions, you will find seven exciting activities for finding missing number worksheets 1-20. Each of these activities will require you to think differently and find the required missing numbers.

Let’s start today’s journey to find all those missing numbers.

Activity 1: Paste Correct Answer to Find Missing Numbers

Our first activity will be based on a simple cut-and-paste game. See the  charts where some numbers from 1-20 are given. But all the numbers are not present.

The missing numbers are provided in the lower box as the clue. Cut each of the numbers and paste them in their right position in the upper box.

Activity 2: Find the Missing Numbers in Apple

You can see some apples in the following image, with some of them having numbers written on them. And some numbers are missing. Can you find those numbers?

  • What you have to do is just count from 1-20 while placing your fingers on each apple by one starting from number 1.
  • When you come across an empty apple, write the number that you just count.
  • For example, you are counting 1, 2, 3, and 4 and while counting 4 your fingers found an empty apple in the line. Then write 4 on that apple.
  • Find all the numbers in the above way.

Activity 3: Fill the Missing Numbers on Caterpillars

Help the caterpillars to go to collect food and go to their home safely. They are lined up behind one another and cannot go forward. If you help them to find and write all the missing numbers then they can complete their job.

We bet you will help them.

Activity 4: Fill the Missing Numbers and Draw Your Path

Help the children go to the Easter Bunny by collecting all the eggs. What is the help? Assist them to find the missing number of eggs and complete the path.

After finding all of them, they will be able to go to the Easter Bunny.

Activity 5: Complete the Missing Numbers and Climb the Ladders

The steps of the ladders are not complete. You cannot use them unless you find all the missing numbers. Help your dad to find all the missing numbers so he can use them for house repair.

Activity 6: Ice Cream with Missing Numbers

Do you love to eat ice cream? Then do one task before eating them. See the ice creams in the following image. Some of the ice creams have numbers in them and some of them have not.

Just count from 1-20 and find all the required missing numbers to get a big ice cream treat.

Activity 7: Train Set with Missing Numbers

Let’s finish today’s discussion by hopping on the train. The following image shows you a train set with some numbers written on it. Some of the compartments don’t have any numbers.

The number range is between 1-20. Find which of the numbers are missing and write them in the correct compartments.

Download Free Printable PDF

In the above discussion, I have discussed some exciting activities for finding missing number worksheets 1-20. These examples will help your students enhance their skills regarding these types of missing number worksheets 1-20 problems.

The free missing number worksheets 1-20 pdf is available for download below. You can download this practice sheet by clicking on the download button and printing it from your device.

Please feel free to give any feedback regarding this article. Also, if your little one is having trouble doing these activities, let us know in the comment section.


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