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9 Fun Measurement Word Problems 2nd Grade Worksheets

In the exciting journey of learning, the world of numbers and measurements unveils itself to young minds, opening doors to new adventures and problem-solving challenges. 

In this article, we will dive into the realm of measurement word problems 2nd grade. 

9 Interactive Measurement Word Problems 2nd Grade Worksheets

The fear of word problems is fading away now, though, as kids spend more time understanding how the problem works than simply memorizing the formula.

That is why I created some interactive measurement word problems 2nd grade.

measurement word problems

Identifying Length

Worksheet #1

Calculating Height 

Worksheet #2

Addition and Subtraction

Worksheet #3

Shorter or Longer

Worksheet #4

Summation or Differences

Worksheet #5

Weight Measuring

Worksheet #6

Matching Game

Worksheet #7

Number Line

Worksheet #8

City Map

Worksheet #9

Identifying Length Word Problems for 2nd Grade

Children are great at measuring length in word problems, right? Well, I have a little math problem about identifying length problems. Lisa’s hair is 6 centimeters long. Nancy’s hair is 2 centimeters shorter than Lisa’s. Now tell me, how many centimeters long is Nancy’s hair?

Identifying Length Word Problems 2nd Grade

Calculating Height Word Problems for 2nd Grade

In this method, you will learn how to calculate height word problems.  It is a hot summer day. Sam is helping his sister Ashley in the garden. Last year, they planted two mango trees. One is 75 meters long, and the other is 65 meters long. Now calculate the total height of the mango trees.

Calculating Height Word Problems 2nd Grade

Adding and Subtracting Length Word Problems

Who doesn’t love gardening? Parents can teach their kids adding and subtracting length word problems through gardening. You can ask your kids if they planted a tree 378 meters long and another 528 meters long. Now tell me the total length of the trees and how much farther apart they were from each other.

Adding and Subtracting Word Problems

Recognizing Shorter or Longer Word Problems

In this method, you will compare the elements to see whether they are shorter or longer. You can solve the problems by comparing their lengths, weights, or heights.

It can enhance students’ knowledge of basic math concepts.

Summation or Differences in Word Problems

Help your kids or students solve these word problems. These can enhance their knowledge. You can also take help from the previous method, as this worksheet is similar to the previous one.

Weight Measuring Word Problems

While buying groceries for home, I thought, “Why not do some weight-measuring word problems to teach my second grade?” So, I ask my kid to show the weight machine how much the pineapple weighs.

Match the Correct Word Problems

Help your kids solve the word problems. After that, they match the correct answers to the questions.

Measuring Word Problems in Number Line

In this method, the students solve the problem with the help of a number line. For example, if your school is 20 kilometers from your home and your uncle’s house is 10 kilometers from your school, tell me what the distance is from your home to your uncle’s house.

Measuring Word Problems in Number Line

Measuring City Map Word Problems

Provide a worksheet with a map of your city and the distances. Help your kids find the exact distance according to the questions.

Download Word Problems Worksheet

One of the more challenging concepts for children to learn is measurement word problems 2nd grade.

These worksheets start with extremely simple issues to make it easier to overcome this barrier, just like the other long word problems for grade 2 worksheets on this pdf. Our interactive worksheet contains all the activities discussed in this article, along with some extra exercises for our kids to sharpen their brains. 

Download this free PDF to unlock those chances!

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