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12 Free Comparing Numbers Worksheets for Grade 1

Are you looking for a fun and easy way to help your youngsters practice comparing numbers? So, this article is only for you.

Here, we will cover comparing numbers worksheets for grade 1, as well as why comparing numbers is important for your youngsters. After going through this article, your little one can understand the concept of most and least numbers: greater than, less than, or equal to here. 

12 Fun Comparing Numbers Worksheets for Grade 1

Now comes the most interesting part of this article. Can you guess what it is? Yes, that’s right. In this section, you can practice comparing numbers with fun.

12 Free Comparing Numbers Worksheets for Grade 1-01

Coloring Numbers

Worksheet #1

Circling Numbers

Worksheet #2

Counting and Comparing

Worksheet #3

Number Lines Activity

Worksheet #4

Compare Dominos

Worksheet #5

Compare Using Symbols

Worksheet #6

Balancing Scale

Worksheet #7

Cut and Paste Activity

Worksheet #8

Comparing Polygons

Worksheet #9

Feeding the Frog

Worksheet #10

Comparing Cards

Worksheet #11

Word Problems

Worksheet #12

Why Comparing Numbers is Important for First Graders

Before learning how to compare numbers easily, let’s find out why comparing numbers is important for your little ones. Comparing numbers is a key skill for first-grade students to build their number sense.

Number sense is the ability of a student to recognize a number, its value, and its relationship with other numbers. It also prepares your little ones to understand the concept of most and least number, the concept of greater than, less than, or equal to.

Comparing Numbers Worksheets Intro Image-01

Additionally, comparing numbers helps grade 1 students to develop their skills for logical thought and problem-solving. It also enhances their fluency in math.


Color Larger and Smaller Numbers from 0-30 Worksheet

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get to our math worksheets. Do you like doing color? In our first two worksheets, you have to color.

Color Egg Containing Smaller Number

So, look at the first worksheet. What are you seeing here? Some little cute eggs? Yeah! And here, You have to identify the egg that contains the smallest number and color the egg. Here you will see single-digit numbers as well as two-digit numbers.

Color Egg Containing Larger Number

Like our first worksheet,  You have to identify the egg that contains the largest number and color the egg. Go through the worksheet and look at all the numbers given here carefully. Then compare the number that is larger than the others. And finally, color the egg that contains this larger number.

Circle Larger and Smaller Numbers from 0-100 Worksheet

In the following two worksheets, you just have to identify the star and tree that contain larger and smaller numbers and then circle them.

Circle Star Containing Larger Number

In your childhood, you all listened to the rhyme “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. Remember? This was my favorite rhyme, actually.

So, In this section, I provided some drawings of twinkling stars that contain numbers 0–100, which means two-digit numbers. Look at all the numbers and identify the larger number. Then just circle the star that contains the large number. Here, your work will be complete. And you can jump to your next worksheet.

Circle Tree Containing Smaller Number

What are you seeing here, youngster? Ten numbers tree. Right? This is also a very easy task. Compare all the numbers tree and find out the smaller number tree from that. Then circle the tree that contains the smaller number and finish your task.

Counting and Comparing Objects Worksheet

This is the most interesting part of the article. Here, I provide two worksheets for our kiddos. Each worksheet has four pairs of objects. In each pair, you will see your favorite fruits, animals, fish, birds, and so on.

Do you like eating oranges? Or strawberry? I will go for orange. I like the color and the taste as well. Your task is to count the fruits, birds, and fish and compare the pairs. At first, you have to count the objects and write them in the gap. Then compare numbers that are larger or smaller and tick the correct position.

Comparing Numbers on Number Lines Worksheet

A number line can be used to identify which of two numbers is greater when comparing their values. Actually, the number line is the easiest way to compare numbers.

The rightmost number is always greater than the leftmost number. Because 17 is on the number line to the right of 14, you can see that it is greater than 14 in the number line below. Your task is to identify which number lies on the left and which number lies on the right. And comparing numbers using the symbols greater than and less than.

Compare Numbers Using Various Symbols Worksheet

To improve students’ comparison skills in kindergarten and grade 1, this type of printable worksheet is very necessary. In this section of the worksheet, students can boost their skill in comparing numbers by using symbols like greater than(>), less than(<), or equal to (=) in each box.

Compare Dominos to Find Larger and Smaller Number Worksheet

Have you ever seen Domino’s set? The traditional domino set is sometimes known as a double-six set because the highest-value piece has six pips on each end and has one unique piece for each possible combination of two ends with zero to six places. Look at the pair of domino titles and place the symbols (greater than or less than) to compare dominoes.

Compare Numbers Using Balancing Scale Worksheet

Are you familiar with the balancing scale? A balancing scale is a device for weight comparison. Like that, our tasks are almost similar. Observe the given pair of numbers and then write them on each balancing scale’s appropriate pan. Write the larger number on the pan that has more weight and the smaller number on the pan that has less weight.

Comparing Numbers Cut and Paste Worksheet

Cut and Paste is an amazing game for all time. I enjoyed it from my childhood. Do you like it, kiddo? Also, cut and paste is an excellent practice in number comparison! The amusing experience of comparing numbers with crocodile snouts will be a hilarious affair! Identify larger and smaller numbers, then just cut the boxes from the PDF and paste them correctly.

Comparing Polygons to Find More and Lesser Sides and Corners Worksheet

This portion of the article is mainly to count the sides and corners of polygons and then compare them with each other. Count the sides and corners of each polygon and write the number down. Then compare the pair of polygons’ sides or corners and mark which has larger or fewer sides and corners.

Feeding the Frog by Comparing Number Worksheet

Who doesn’t like to play with a frog? In the rainy season, I’m waiting to play with frogs. I know all my kiddos are brave and will enjoy playing with frogs and feeding them. You always want to feed your frog more. Right? Then do it. Just place the snouts on the side which will provide the frog with more food.

Comparing Cards after Adding and Subtracting Worksheet

In this section, I give a pair of cards on each side to compare. On the first worksheet, you have to add two cards on each side and write the value in the box. Then, write – is greater than or is less than from the second pair of cards. On the second worksheet, you have to subtract the value from the first card to the second card, as I did for the first pair, for your clear understanding.

Comparing Number Word Problems

The following word problems will improve your little one’s skills at comparing numbers. Here I present twelve-word problems related to comparing numbers. You can practice your kiddo more.

Go through these word problems and check your kiddo’s skills. Here, I wanna share a piece of great news with you all, these worksheets are free and all are printable worksheets.

Download Free Worksheet PDF

In this article, I have discussed the importance of learning comparing numbers worksheets for grade 1. Also, worksheets for your youngsters. Here is the complete PDF that you are looking for. We have compiled all the Worksheets in this single PDF to practice comparing numbers with fun.

If your kiddo gets any kind of trouble doing these activities, let us know. And please feel free to give feedback in the comment section if you have any.

Download this free comparing numbers worksheets for grade 1 PDF to practice comparing numbers. I hope that these exercises benefit your kiddos. You can download these worksheets by clicking on the download button and printing it from your device.


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