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10 Free Matching Coins Worksheets | Fun Activities

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These matching coins worksheets will help to improve their ability to recognize and differentiate between the coins. Kindergarten to 1st-grade students will learn basic coin matching methods and can improve their basic math skills with our free printable interactive worksheets.

10 Fun Matching Coins Worksheets

Please download the following matching coins worksheets and practice to become an expert on this topic.

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Coin Name 

Worksheet #1

Using  Value

Worksheet #2


Worksheet #3

Front and Back

Worksheet #4

Equivalent Values

Worksheet #5

Objects Price

Worksheet #6

Change Value

Worksheet #7

Required Money

Worksheet #8


Worksheet #9

Cut and Paste

Worksheet #10

Importance of Learning about Coins

It is very essential to learn about coins, as it lays the foundation for understanding money and its value. Some of the reasons are discussed below. Please have a look, little champ!

Practical Life Skill: Identifying and matching coins develops a practical life skill that a person will use throughout their lives. It will help them handle and use money wisely and effectively in any situation.

Money Literacy: Matching Coin develops the concept of financial literacy from a young age. It helps to learn about different denominations, their values, and how they relate to one another.

Financial Responsibility: Matching coins instills a sense of financial responsibility and helps develop an understanding of money saving in the future.

Counting and Math Skills: The most amazing thing is that it involves counting and basic math skills. This practice also improves the sense of currency and exchange values. It is important to practice counting skills, and these matching coin worksheets can help.

Benefits of Matching Coins Worksheets

Here are some key benefits of using matching coin worksheets:

Coin Recognition: Matching Coins Worksheets help to improve the ability to recognize and differentiate between the coins. By repeatedly matching coins with their corresponding values, it becomes very easy to become familiar with the unique characteristics of each coin, such as color, size, and design.

Counting Skills: It enhances one’s counting skills by reinforcing one’s understanding of basic algebra and currency denominations.

Problem-Solving: Matching coins helps a person to think critically, analyze the characteristics of each coin, and determine its value or name.

Matching Coins Worksheets by Its Name 

This is the first activity. Here, all you need to do is identify the correct names of the respective coins. You will be provided with some images of various coins with their names in a mixed-up order. Then draw lines connecting each coin to its corresponding name. Before that, you should learn the names of the coins. You can check another article on our website.

If you don’t know much about coins, you can go through 20+ Free 2nd Grade Money Worksheets article from our site. 

Matching Coins Worksheets by Using Its Value 

In this activity, you will be provided with a list of different coins and their corresponding values. You will have to draw lines to connect each coin to its correct value.

Match Coins with Their Symbol Worksheet

Here, you will be given a list of different coins along with their corresponding symbols. Your task is to match each coin with its correct symbol. Draw a line and match the symbol to the name of the coin.

Match Coins to Their Front and Back Worksheet

This time, you will be provided with both front and backside images of some coins. You will have to identify the correct back side for each front side of the coin. Match the coin and test your memory. Good Luck.

Adding Coins and Matching with Equivalent Values Worksheet

Here, the worksheet will display various coin combinations that represent the same value. All you need to do is match each coin combination with the equivalent value it represents.

Matching Coin Value with Real-Life Objects Price Worksheet

In this article, you will learn about the connection between coin value and real-life object prices. You will be given images of coins on one side and images of objects along with their prices. Match each object with the correct combination of coins needed to purchase it.

Matching the Coin to Find the Changed Value Worksheet

In this activity, you will be given the price of an item and a list of coins. Your task is to match the appropriate coins that make up the change value for the item.

Matching with Required Money Worksheet

Here, you will be given a target amount for some products along with their prices and a list of coins that you have with you. Your task is to determine which combination of coins can be used to exactly match the required amount. Take your time and solve each question accurately. Good luck!

Match the Coin Riddle Worksheet

This activity will be fun and interesting to solve. In this worksheet, you will be given a riddle that will describe different types of coins. Your task is to determine which coin corresponds to each clue. Match the answers next to the corresponding numbers. Get ready to put your coin knowledge to win the matching coins game.

Matching Coins Cut and Paste Worksheets

You will be given images of coins on one side and their corresponding values or names on the other side, all mixed up. Next, cut out the images and values or names separately and match each coin image with its correct value or name by pasting them side by side.

Download the Worksheet PDF

Download the following combined PDF and enjoy your practice session.

So today, we’ve discussed some matching coins worksheets using the concepts of matching coin names, matching coin values, matching coin symbols, matching coin front and back parts, and cut and paste activity. Download our free worksheets and after practicing these worksheets, the students will surely improve their mathematical skills and have a better understanding of coin matching.

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