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5 Fun Counting Fish Game | Free Math Worksheets

These counting fish game worksheets will help to visualize and understand counting sense and number systems. 1st-grade students will learn basic mathematic methods and can improve their basic math skills with our free counting fish game worksheets .

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5 Fun Counting Fish Games with Worksheets

Download the following worksheets and master your kiddo in counting fish games.

Counting Fish game

Counting from 1 to 10

Worksheet #1

Color & Count

Worksheet #2

match the Number

Worksheet #3

Missing Number Game

Worksheet #4

Find the Gold Fish

Worksheet #5

The counting game is a game where children try to count objects like kites, rainbows, pens, pencils, etc. Here in this article, I will use the fishes as the counting objects.

Fishes to count in Counting Fish Game

Here I will show you some activities of counting fish games. I hope you will find the games interesting. You can play these with your children to grow the basic mathematical sense. Let’s start one by one.

Count the Fish from 1 to 10

In this portion, you need to find particular fish one by one. You can see different boxes are given for different types and colors of fish. All you need to do is make the children count the different colors of fish and write down the numbers in the correct box. This activity will build your kiddo’s color sense and basic counting sense.

Count the fishes in Counting Fish Game

Color and Count the Fish

Here, your kiddos need to differentiate the fishes by their size and shape. Every different shape requires a different color. You will help to recognize the shape correctly. Then tell them to color the fish. Lastly, they count the same color fish together and write the numbers in a particular box.

Count the fish and color them

Match the Number in Counting Fish Game

In this game, your kiddos need to match the number of fish with the given numbers. In this picture, you can see different numbers of fish, and some numbers are given on the right side. First, your kiddo will count the number of fish. Then, he/she will select the number of fish from the given numbers. Then, finish the game.

Match the number in Counting Fish game

Find the Missing Numbers in Counting Fish Game

Here, you will help your child to find the missing number. Here, you can see a pathway and a fish wand to meet its family. All you need to do to make your children find the missing numbers and the pathway will be covered. As a result, the fish will find its family and the game will be over.

Find the Missing Numbers in Counting Fish Game

Where is the Goldfish in a Counting Fish Game?

In this activity, your kiddo will find the goldfish first. A lot of fish will be in a picture here and there. Among them, some goldfish are hidden. Your child will find the goldfish first and then count the numbers.

Find the goldfish in counting fish game

Download the PDF Worksheet

Download the following combined PDF and practice more.


So today, we’ve discussed coloring area by dinosaur color by number printable using the concepts of counting the fish from 1 to 10, coloring and counting fishes, matching the numbers, finding the missing numbers, and finding the goldfish. Download our free worksheets, and after practicing these worksheets, students will surely improve their mathematical skills and have a better understanding of basic math skills.

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