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10+ Ocean Themed Math Activities for Preschoolers | Free Printables

From counting seashells to measuring the depths of the ocean, the world of math is all around us, even in the vast and mysterious depths of the ocean.

And for preschoolers, there’s no better way to explore this fascinating world of numbers and shapes than through an ocean-themed math adventure.

In this article Ocean Themed Math Activities for Preschoolers we’ll dive deep into the world of ocean-themed math and explore some exciting activities that will help your preschooler discover the fun and beauty of math.

Ocean Themed Math Activities for Preschoolers

11 Fun Ocean Themed Math Activities for Preschooler Champs

Your preschoolers can learn about math through activities. Effectively involving our kids in holiday activities is also beneficial. That is why I came up with a few interactive ideas.

Ocean Counting Number Game

Children need to develop the fundamental ability of counting. When children learn how to count, it helps them understand the concepts of numbers. That’s why I ask my kids to draw baby sharks. When they give me the drawing, I ask them to count.

Now tell me how many sharks are in the photo and count the sharks again with me.

Count the sharks by number

Nemo and Friends Are Joining the Ocean Race Game!

Who remembers Nemo and his gang? Like Nemo, children are also fond of racing games.

That’s why I set up a racing game board with a start line and a finish line, which is the hook, and 10 spaces. I also asked them to draw Nemo and his friends named Marlin, Grill, Dory, and Squirt. After completing the drawing, I give them five dice and tell them to roll.

Whoever comes first near the hook will be the winner! For example, if Nemo rolls the dice and it comes out 3, Nemo will go forward 3 spaces, and if the dice come out with a lesser number than earlier, they will go backward.

Nemo and Friends Are Joining the Ocean Race Game!

Starfish Addition Fun

I have a small math problem with the addition of starfish. I have divided the worksheet into two parts.

  • First, I tell my little one to count the red starfish of one part and tell me how many starfish are there. 
  • He counts and says that there are 5 red starfish.
  • Now, I tell him to count the blue starfish of another part and tell me how many starfish are there. 
  • He counts and says that there are 7 blue starfish.
  • Then, I ask them to add up the starfish and tell me how many starfish he has now.
  • Finally, he adds up 5 and 7 and finds that he now has 12 starfish.

Counting starfish by addition

Ocean Themed Missing Numbers Finding Game

  • Choose a number range. For example, you can choose numbers from 11 to 20.
  • Write the sequence of numbers on a worksheet, leaving one number blank.
  • Ask the kids to guess the missing numbers.
  •  For example 11, 12, _, 14. They will guess and write the correct answer. The answer is 13.

Finding missing numbers

Color By Number the Ocean Animals

Have you seen a crab? They live in the ocean. So coloring this crab is more enjoyable. But wait! To color it, we’ll need to play a little math counting game. Let’s go!

  • First look at the drawing of the crab. There are some numbers written all over it.
  • Now read the numbers. You will see, for each number, there is a color code mentioned in the paper.
  • Here comes the most fun part! color the crab according to the color code. For example, I want to color the eyes of the crab. To do that, I need to know the number which is ‘1”. Now I will look for the color for number 1. And it is white as given in the paper. So I will give the eyes a fine white shade.

Color crab by number

Count the Fish and Release Them!

  • Ask the students to draw some fish.
  • Color the fish red, yellow, green, blue, orange, etc.
  • Then, give them a worksheet where the ocean is drawn.
  • After that, they will choose a task card where the number of fish is written and put them in the ocean.
  • For example, if they choose 5 fish to put in the ocean, they will take 5 fish and put them in the ocean to live.

Putting fish in the ocean

Count Pirates in Board Game

Teachers can set up a pirate board game with a team of students. This team will have three or four members. First, they have to make a worksheet where boxes will contain pirate ships, maps, birds, hats, flags, etc. Some boxes will be crossed.

They also need dice to roll.  When the game starts, the students roll the dice serially.

If the dice roll on a cross, they will get nothing and can’t come forward from the previous place, and if it rolls on treasure, they will get a point and come forward.

Whoever arrives at the endpoint first will be the winner. For example, when a student rolls the dice on the ship, she comes forward and gets a point.

But if the dice roll on the cross, she can’t move from the previous place and will get nothing.

Count Pirates in Board Game

Find the Octopus’s Lost Arms

Have you seen an octopus? They live in the ocean. They are famous for their eight arms. So I think we should do some activities with the famous octopus.

For example, if I draw an octopus with five arms and tell my child that an octopus has eight legs but I only draw three of them, then how many of the legs are lost? After that, they subtract 8 from 3 and say that the octopus lost five of its arms.

Finding the lost arm of octopus by subtraction

Ocean Themed Patterning Math Activity

Children’s number sense and observational skills are developed through pattern-related math activities. When a youngster examines a pattern, they take note of what they see and predict what will happen next. That’s why I think setting up a challenging pattern and teaching them is important.  For example, I bought many stickers of octopuses, starfish, sea snails, clownfish, etc. Then, I make a pattern of ABA, where the octopus and the sea snail are A, and the clownfish and the starfish are B.

Now, I stick the octopus, clownfish, and octopus in the first row, and then the sea snail, starfish, and sea snail in the second row. Now the children will make a pattern, which is ABB.

Ocean Themed Patterning Math Activity

Ocean Number Game

  • Take a worksheet and divide the sheet into two parts.
  • Draw some ocean fish on one part.
  • Write some random numbers on the animals and also on the other parts. Here we used 1-20 numbers.
  • Ask the students to cut the numbers and stick them beside the right pictures.
  • For example, if they chose a fish with the number 12, they will cut the number 12 and stick it beside the right photo.

Ocean Number Game

Ocean Themed Graphing Activity

Students love the dice game. Teachers or parents can set up this game.

They need a cube dice on which the photos of a starfish, an octopus, a sea snail, a shark, a clownfish, and a crab are drawn. They also provide a worksheet where students can record the numbers.  There are 15 columns, and each time students roll the dice, they record their rolls.

When a student rolls the dice and the octopus appears five times, she might mark column 5 on the worksheet. 

Ocean Themed Graphing Activity

Download Free Printable Worksheet

This  Ocean Themed Math Activities for Preschoolers is a great way to practice counting,  math, and problem-solving skills. It’s also a fun and engaging way to teach kids activities.

The free worksheet contains a lot of exercises. Kids can easily practice  Ocean Themed Math Activities for Preschoolers as many times as they like. 

By selecting the download button, you can save this practice sheet to your computer or mobile device and print it. Enjoy!

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