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Leprechaun Color by Number | Fun Activities

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This St Patrik’s Day-themed Leprechaun color by number game will teach counting to your students. 1st grade students will learn basic mathematical operations and can improve their basic math skills with our free printable Leprechaun color by number worksheets.

7 Worksheets on Leprechaun Color by Number

Download the following worksheets on leprechaun color by number and enjoy your St Patrick’s day.

Leprechaun Color by Number | Fun Activities

Count the Number

Worksheet #1

Addition and Color

Worksheet #2
Worksheet #3

Multiply and Color

Worksheet #4
Worksheet #5

Calculate and Color

Worksheet #6
Worksheet #7

Your kiddos from grades 1-3 will enjoy the activities. St Patrick’s Day is celebrated every year on March 17. The holiday honors Saint Patrick, the introduction of Christianity to Ireland, and the Irish people’s heritage and culture.

children celebrating St. Patrick's day with leprechaun color by number

The St. Patrick’s Day theme also broadens preschoolers’ background knowledge by introducing them to innovative number-counting concepts!

4 Funny Games on Leprechaun Color by Number for Your Little Champ

I have introduced 4 funny leprechaun color by number games based on the theme of St. Patrick’s Day with basic mathematical sense. Download and practice on the worksheets.

Count the Number and Color the Area of a Leprechaun

In this activity, we will color the selected area of a leprechaun. A picture of a leprechaun is given in the worksheet PDF. You need to recognize the number. After recognizing numbers correctly, you will be allowed to color the area.

two children doing leprechaun color by number

Color the Area of a Leprechaun After Adding the Numbers

In the worksheet, a picture of a leprechaun is given. You will color the area but first, you need to add the numbers. Then check the color code. Color the areas following the color code. 

Do the leprechaun color by adding number

Multiply and Color the Leprechaun

Let’s multiply some numbers. Determine the results of the subsequent multiplications. Check the color codes after that. The color code is given according to the area number. If you want to color the number 1 area, you need to solve the first multiplication expression.

Multiply and color the leprechaun by number

Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Color the Leprechaun

You will add, subtract, multiply, and color the areas of the leprechaun. The color code is mentioned in the PDF. Follow the color code and color the leprechaun.

Add, Subtract, Multiply and Color the leprechaun

Download the Free Printable Worksheet

Download the following worksheet for your children to teach them counting on this St Patrick’s Day occasion. 


In the above discussion, I have mentioned 4 games on leprechaun color by number using the methods of counting, adding, subtracting, and multiplying. These activities are for your kiddos from grade 1 to grade 3. So, enjoy this St. Patrick’s Day with your kiddos by participating in counting activities with Leprechaun color by number worksheets.

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