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5 Free Telling Time Coloring Worksheets

Time is an essential aspect of our daily lives, guiding our schedules, activities, and routines.

In this article on telling time coloring worksheets, we present a comprehensive time-telling worksheet designed to help learners of all ages grasp the concept of time, as well as coloring time worksheets.

5 Exciting Telling Time Coloring Worksheets

In this article, we’ll focus on telling time coloring worksheets by exploring the patterns and properties of telling time coloring worksheets.

So, let’s get started!

telling time coloring worksheets

Telling Time Color by Number

Worksheet #1

Color Correct Time

Worksheet #2

Cut and Paste Game

Worksheet #3

Identify Hour and Minute Hands

Worksheet #4

Color the Clock

Worksheet #5

Worksheet for Telling Time Color by Number 

Coloring is enjoyable. But wait! To color it, we’ll need to play a little telling time game. Let’s go!

  • First, look at the drawing. There are some clocks with time drawn all over them.
  • You will see that for each time, there is a color code mentioned in the paper.
  • Here comes the most fun part! Color them according to the color code. 

Worksheet for Practicing and Coloring Correct Time 

This worksheet contains many questions with various different options.

Ask your students to choose the correct answer and color the correct answer according to the color code. One has been done for your convenience.

Cut and Paste Game 

This activity will be based on a simple cut-and-paste game. The worksheet contains analog clocks showing different times, and the times are written on the last part. Students will identify the correct time and cut and paste it in their right position.

After that, they will color the clock of the even minute in a fine yellow shade as well as the clock of the odd minute in a fine purple shade.

Identifying Hour and Minute Hand

In this activity, ask your students to identify the hour numbers from 1 to 12 and color them blue, as well as the minute numbers from 00 to 55 and color them green on the clocks. In this way, they will remember how to tell time and identify the hands of the clocks.

Worksheet for Practicing Coloring the Clock 

Look at the worksheet, where many clocks are shown at different times. Help your students or kids color the clocks according to the instructions.

One has been done for your convenience.

Download Free Worksheet

The telling time coloring worksheets are designed to gradually increase in complexity, providing you with ample practice and reinforcement. 

The telling time coloring worksheets will be your trusted companion as you unlock the power of the telling time coloring worksheets. Download the free worksheet and enjoy it with your kids.

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