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9 Free Tracing Number 20 Worksheets | Fun Activities

These Tracing Number 20 worksheets will help you to visualize and understand place value and number tracing systems. 1st grade students will learn what tracing number 20 and improve their basic math skills with our free printable worksheets.

9 Exciting Worksheets for Practicing Tracing Number 20

Please download the following tracing number 20 worksheets and practice tracing number on the pages.

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Trace and Write

Worksheet #1

Tracing in Balloons

Worksheet #2

Counting Apples Number

Worksheet #3

Tracing in Stars

Worksheet #4

Tracing in Candies

Worksheet #5

Tracing in Teddy Bears

Worksheet #6

Tracing in Blocks

Worksheet #7

Tracing in Snowballs

Worksheet #8

Trace Number Pumpkins

Worksheet #9

Trace and Write Number 20

In this worksheet, your students will find 22 dotted lines; by tracing them, students will learn how to write 20 properly.

Trace Number 20 in Balloons

In this part, you are going to trace the number 20 on various balloons. I hope you will enjoy playing with these balloons and tracing the numbers.

Counting Apples and Trace Number 20

In this activity, you find some apples. You have to count the apples to check if there are twenty apples or not, and then do the tracing of the number 20.

Trace Number 20 with Stars

In this section, you find the stars. Your students count the stars and trace number 20. Hopefully they will enjoy.

Trace number 20 after Counting Candies

In this worksheet, your students find their favorite thing candies. They enjoy the counting and trace the number 20.

Trace Number 20 with Teddy Bears

In this section, you will find the teddy bears are symbols of friendship and companionship. Your students will connect the dots and trace the number 20 to learn the number.

Tracing Number 20 in Blocks

In this activity, cubes are arranged in the shape of the number 20. Your students will trace the dots inside the cubes and practice the structure of the number 20.

Tracing Number 20 with Snowballs

In this worksheet, you find Snowballs. Inside the snowballs, there are dotted lines. By connecting the snowballs, your students will learn the structure of the number 20.

Trace Number Pumpkins

In this last activity, pumpkins are recognized for the students. Inside the pumpkins, there are dots, and by connecting them, your students will learn how to write the number 20.

Download Free Printable PDF

Download this practice sheet by clicking on the download button and printing it from your device.

So today, we’ve discussed tracing number 20 worksheets using the concepts of connecting dots in bears, balloons, snowballs, blocks, candies, pumpkins, stars, and apples. Download our free worksheets and by practicing these worksheets, the students will improve their skills in tracing number 20.

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