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8 Free Number Name Puzzle Worksheets | Fun Activities

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These number name puzzle worksheets will help you to visualize and understand place value and number systems. Kindergarten students will learn what are number puzzles and improve their basic math skills with our free printable number puzzle worksheets.

8 Exciting Worksheets for Solving Number Name Puzzle

Please download the following number name puzzle worksheets and practice number puzzle on the pages.

Number Name Puzzle box image

Write and Color

Worksheet #1

Match Numbers

Worksheet #2

Crossword Puzzle

Worksheet #3

Matching Dots

Worksheet #4

Count and Write

Worksheet #5

Number Name Searching

Worksheet #6

Number Fill in Puzzle

Worksheet #7

Fill the Rectangle

Worksheet #8

Write and Color the Number Names

In this worksheet, you will find filling in the gaps from 1 to 50. Your students will have to identify some numbers and mark them with certain colors.

Match Numbers with Their Names

In this worksheet, you will find two columns: in the left column are the numerical numbers, and in the right column are the spellings of the numbers. Your students have to connect the names of the numbers to the correct one.

Solving Number Name Crossword Puzzle

In this part, you find a Crossword puzzle is a rectangular grid of boxes. There are two types of clues for across and down. From the clues, students have to fill in the names of the numbers in the blank boxes. 

Matching Dots with Correct Number Puzzle

In this activity, you will find two sections. On the left side, there are the names of the numbers, and on the right side, there are dots. Students have to count the dots and connect them with the number names.

Count and Write the Number Names

This worksheet is designed with some objects. Your students will count the number of objects and write the name of the numbers in the boxes.

Number Name Search Puzzle

In this part, you find a fun activity of the number name puzzle. There is a rectangle that has several boxes containing scattered letters. Your students have to remember some numbers and mark them, which are mentioned below.

Number Fill in Puzzle

In this section, there are several blank boxes inside the boxes and a few filled boxes with digits as clues. Your students find the several numbers and fill-in puzzle with that number.

Fill the Rectangle with Number Puzzle

In this last worksheet, you will 54 blank boxes inside a rectangle most of the boxes are blank. Students have to count numbers from 1 to 54 and fill the blank boxes with the names of the numbers.

Download Free Printable PDF

Download this practice sheet by clicking on the download button and printing it from your device.

So today, we’ve discussed number name puzzle worksheets using the concepts of determining matching numbers, matching dots, counting numbers, name the numbers, and color the numbers. Download our free worksheets and by practicing these worksheets, the students will improve their skills in number naming.

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