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7 Free 12 Times Table Worksheet | Fun Activities

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These 12 times table worksheets will help to visualize and understand multiplication and number systems. 1st & 2nd grade students will learn basic multiplication methods and can improve their basic math skills with our free printable 12 times table worksheets.

7 Free 12 Times Table Worksheet

With the aid of these worksheets, our kids will be able to master fundamental mathematics quickly and actively. Download the following worksheets and practice.

12 Times Table Worksheet

Color by Number

Worksheet #1

Find the Product

Worksheet #2

Complete the Circle

Worksheet #3

Match the product

Worksheet #4

Find the Number

Worksheet #5

Solve the Maze

Worksheet #6

Cross the River

Worksheet #7

12 Times Table Display Sheet

The multiples of 12 are listed in the 12 times table, a mathematical table. The outcomes of multiplying 12 by all whole numbers, from 1 to infinity, are displayed in the table below. 

12 times table


12 Times Table Up to 10

A multiplication table of 12, having multiplicands up to 10 is given below.

12 Times Table Up to 12

Here, you will have a 12x multiplication table, having multiplicands up to 12.


Times Table Learning and Multiplication Facts

Since multiplication is a fundamental mathematical operation, you should learn it in preschool or in grades 1-3. In this section of the article, I will outline a few techniques for learning the timetable quickly and effectively.

First, write down the times table. I will help you to understand what a timetable looks like. However, try to look for patterns to make the table more interesting. Next- read it aloud as auditory learning. Then, repeat, repeat, and repeat to learn the table by heart. After that, to test how much you memorized, try the practice sheet. 

Worksheets for learning multiplication facts and counting up by 12s are included in this article. In worksheets with 12x tables, students must solve multiplication problems in order to color the various parts of the artwork, complete the circle, match the right answers, etc. Using the worksheets will help your children to:

  • Learn the factors of 12 with the help of 12 times tables
  • Understand multiplication as repeated addition
  • Get knowledge about multiplication as skip counting
  • Find the unknown multiplicands
  • Solve a range of simple multiplication challenges

7 Fun Activities to Learn and Practice 12 Times Table

Get in the fun activities, download the practice worksheets, and practice more to develop the mathematic skills of your students by developing fundamental ideas of mastering mathematical operations

Count the 12s Product and Color by Number

In this game, preschoolers must find and color the five products of multiplication. Use light colors to decorate the box, such as yellow, pink, indigo, etc.

Count the 12s product and color in 12 times table worksheets

Now practice the activity from the following worksheet.


Find the 12 Times Multiplication Product in Rocket

Here, students from kindergarten will multiply other numbers by 12. Write the products of the numbers given on the rockets, in the tail of the rockets.

Find the product in rocket 12 times table worksheets

Now practice the activity from the following worksheet.


Complete 12 Times Multiplication Circle

As you can see, there is a number given—12—in the center of the three circles of flowers. Another 6 numbers are provided in the second outer circle. The outermost circles are empty. The numbers from the second circle must be multiplied by the number provided in the inner circle. Then, in the third outside circle, write the product.

Complete the Circle in 12 times table worksheets

Now practice the activity from the following worksheet.


Match 12 Times Multiplication Product

Here, to obtain the products, they might use the 12x table. Now, you’ll discover that the worksheet also includes the expressions’ products, but the locations of the products are incorrect. The goal of this activity is to draw a line that corresponds to the expression’s product.

Match the product

Practice the exercise from the next worksheet right away.


Find the Missing Number in 12x Multiplication

Give your child directions on how to locate the multiplicand that needs to be multiplied by 12 to obtain the product. By dividing the result by 12, it is possible to get the missing number.

Find the missing number

Practice the exercise from the next worksheet right away.


Solve the Maze Counting by 12s

A man is trapped in a maze. He wants to come out of the maze. Here you can see the maze’s in and out path. But there are some numbers. What will be the path of the maze? Look at the maze carefully. You will find that some numbers are multiples of 12. And these multiples lead the path to the out end. So follow the 12 multiples blocks and help the man to get out of the maze.

Solve the maze in 12 times table worksheets

Practice the exercise from the next worksheet right away.


Cross the River Counting by 12s

Let’s assume a bunny is out of food. She wanted to get some carrots. She was running here and there and found a carrot farm on the opposite side of the river. She saw some blocks on the water of the river. The blocks have numbers written on the upper side of the blocks. Some blocks have the strength to take the weight of the bunny and others are not so strong. Now you need to find strong enough blocks. How can you find them? If you see the numbers carefully, you will get some specific numbers here. You will find numbers of 12s multiples. The blocks having 12 multiples are the strong blocks here. So using this path, the bunny can cross the river and have some carrots.

Cross the river counting by 12s


From the following worksheet, practice the activity.


Download the Free PDF Worksheet

Download the following free combined PDF and practice more. 


So today, we’ve discussed subtraction with 12 times table worksheets using the concepts of counting and color, finding the product on rockets, completing the multiplication circles, matching the products, solving the maze, and crossing the rivers. Download our free worksheets, and after practicing these worksheets, students will surely improve their mathematical skills and have a better understanding of multiplication.

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