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25+ Free 3 Times Table Worksheets | 12 Fun Activities

Today we are going to learn about the 3 times table worksheets. The 3x table is a set of numbers that we can count by threes. It starts with 3, then 6, then 9, and so on.

The child will eventually benefit from having a deeper understanding of multiplication because of learning the table of 3s.

For younger kids, practicing 3 times table worksheets is an essential brain-training practice. To perform quick calculations, students must be able to recall the 3 times table worksheets. The free worksheet is very helpful to engage our students in grades 1 to 3.

By the end of this article, kids will be able to recite the 3 times table worksheets with confidence and understand how it works.

3 Times Table Worksheets overview

3 Times Table Chart from 1 to 20

3 times table chart up to 20 is given below.

Multiplication Facts of 3 Times Table and Tips

The focus of the worksheets with answers is on teaching and practicing counting up in threes and multiplication facts. This article will help your kid in:

  • Learn your table facts for the three times tables;
  • Solve a variety of simple multiplication problems.
  • Understand multiplication as repeated addition. 
  • Solve a range of simple multiplication challenges.

The tips for a 3x multiplication table are given below:

  • The multiplication table for 3 doesn’t follow any rules that make it simple to memorize, but there is a pattern for each of the ten multiples of three: 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, and 30.
  • Because the last number of these multiples always repeats, children can memorize these digits to help them learn the three times table.
  • Here is another method for learning the three-to-ten table:

The orange numbers, as you can see in the figure above, are simply the counting numbers printed three in a row and in decreasing order from right to left, with the number zero outside the grid.

Put the digit 0 in front of the orange digits in row 1, the digits 1 and 2 in front of the orange digits in row 2, the digit 3 next to the digit 0 outside the grid, and the digit 2 in front of the orange digits in row 3. The first 10 multiples of 3 have been found.

12 Exciting Ways to Learn 3 Times Table Multiplication

There are no particular rules for the 3x table that make it easy.

We’ll discuss the advantages of using 3x multiplication worksheets and share a few tips for making the most of this teaching tool. So gather some pencils or pens, and let’s begin!

Count by 3s in 100 Chart

  • The missing number that is multiplied by three must be identified in this activity. 
  • Give students a number chart with values ranging from 1 to 100.
  • Ask them to identify the missing number that is the product of 3. 
  • They will color the box containing 3s products once they have identified them. 
  • For example, if a student finds the first product that is “3*1=3,” they will write the answer 3 in the empty box and color the box yellow.

3 Times Table Count in Maze

Children love to solve the maze. That’s why teachers or parents can set up a maze game while teaching the students the three times tables. 

  • All they need to do is make a worksheet of random numbers where the 3s are also included. 
  • First, the students need to find the 3S numbers from the starting point and mark them until the endpoint. 
  • Whoever arrives first at the endpoint will be the winner. 
  • For example, when a student starts the maze, she will mark 3 and 6 as they are multiples of 3. In this way, she will continue until the endpoint.

Use 3 Times Table in River Crossing Game

Now it’s time to play another game while solving the 3s multiplication. For this activity, students will provide a number sheet that is written on stones.

They will find the 3S products and color them to help the pirate cross the river. If the pirate crosses the river, he will first find the stones that are 3s multiples. They are 3, 6, 9, 12, etc. Then he will color those stones and cross the river.

Make a Multiplication Target Circle with 3 Times Table

Students may find this task challenging. 

  • As you can see, there is a number written in the inner circle of the three circles, which is 3. 
  • Six numbers are provided in the second outer circle.
  • The third circle from the outside is empty. 
  • The numbers from the second circle must be multiplied by 3 in the inner circle.
  • Then, in the third outside circle, write the product.

Match the Product with 3 Time Multiplication Table

In this method, students will draw a line from the multiplication to its product.

Fill the Sequence with 3 Times Table

The following sequence contains the number of 3s multiple.

3x Multiplication Table Spring Themed

The butterfly is eagerly waiting for the arrival of spring.

Winter had been long and harsh. The butterfly longed for the warm sunshine, blooming flowers, and green grass.

Now it’s time to play another game while solving the 3s multiplication. For this activity, students will help the butterfly find food. They will find the 3S products and write them in the empty place to help the butterfly.

3x Multiplication Table Winter Theme Worksheet

For this activity, students will reach the snowman by solving the 3x multiplication path.

They will find the 3S products and write them in the empty place to reach the snowman.

3 Times Multiplication Cut and Paste Game

This activity will be based on a simple cut-and-paste game.

See the first number, where some numbers from 3-45 are given. But all the numbers are not present. The missing numbers are provided in the lower box as a clue. Cut each of the numbers that are multiples of 3 and paste them in their right position in the upper box.

3 Times Table Space Race Worksheet

Help the spacecraft reach the moon by multiplication.

The numbers are given in the outer shell. Our little astronaut multiplies this given number by 3, so the first number is 4, and the multiplication of 3 and 4 is 12. Then he will go to the next step and continue solving until he reaches the moon.

3 Times Table Spiral Puzzle 

It’s time to do some simple multiplication with 3. Students will start from the starting point.

By solving this multiplication, they will go to the next step and reach the finish line.

3 Times Table Dice Game

In this activity, some dice will be provided to the students.

They count the dice and multiply the number by 3. For example, if a student gets 2 dice, he will multiply 2 by 3, and the answer is 6.

Download Free 3 Times Table Free Worksheet

I have mentioned 3 Times Table Worksheets activities in the discussion above. These 3 Times Table Worksheets activities are suitable for your children in grades 1 through 3.

They enjoy these engaging exercises. Also, teachers and parents may set up these activities. So, enjoy this with your kids by participating in 3 Times Table Worksheets activities.

To practice more multiplication at the 3x table with your kids, download the free 3x table worksheets with answers. They will enjoy the games.

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