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40+ Free Math Coloring Worksheets PDF | Fun Printable

Hey! Do your children love math? Do they enjoy the problem-solving mentality? Do they like coloring? If the answer to these all questions is yes, this is your turn to give them math coloring worksheets pdf.

This article will provide you with this kind of worksheet pdf. The first and foremost job for all preschoolers is to teach them recognizing numbers.

It will be easy for the teachers if they have worksheets to color as well as recognize numbers.

Moreover, this article will provide you with activities regarding addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

You will help your kiddos to solve the problem and then color the specific area by maintaining the color codes. Give them the worksheets and make sure that they understand the procedures clearly.

Surely, your kiddos from grade 1 – grade 3 will love the activities.

Children coloring math worksheets          

5 Fun Activities for Math Coloring Worksheets

The provided worksheet pdf will strengthen the basics of mathematical operations of your kiddos. The approach is quite successful. This math coloring worksheets pdf will seem quite interesting for your kiddos. For doing all the activities from the math coloring worksheets pdf, follow the detailed directions listed below.

Count the Number and Color

Here, your kiddo will count the numbers first. This activity will ensure that your kiddo can recognize the number. After recognizing the numbers, then tell them to match the color codes. The children should color the particular segments of areas mentioned in the color codes. After finishing coloring, you will get a colorful picture. Appreciate your kiddies if they perform perfectly.

Count the Number and Color the Ice-cream in math coloring worksheets pdf          

Fun Math Addition Coloring

This activity will make your students perform addition and then color the particular area mentioning the color codes. First, demonstrate to your students to add the numbers simply. They will find the summations of numbers. Then tell them to match the sum with the color codes. After that, color the specific area with maintaining the color codes. As a result, you will find a colorful picture.

Addition Coloring in math coloring worksheets pdf          

Complete Subtraction Math and Color by Number

This is a subtraction activity. Your students need to perform a solution to a subtraction problem. After solving the subtraction, they will get a result. This result is needed to match the color code. The color code will say which specific area needs which color. Your kiddos will pick the result, match the color codes and color the specific area. After coloring all the pictures, the activity will be finished.

subtract and color the math coloring worksheets pdf          

Is Multiplication Boring? No It’s Fun!

Do your children feel multiplication is a boring mathematical operation? Do they fear of multiplication operations? If the answers are yes, then this activity is for your children. This is an interactive activity. Tell your kiddos about the multiplication procedures. Then give them the worksheets. After calculating the product, they will match the product with the color codes. Then, recognizing the color codes, they will color the specific area. After coloring the area, you can see how perfectly they can solve the tasks. Hopefully, they will love the activity.

Multiply and color the math coloring worksheets pdf          

Solve These Division Math and Color with Fun

The division is quite harder than all other basic mathematical operations. Your preschool students may struggle to learn division. So, teach them the basics of the division operation first. Then, provide them with the worksheets. They will perform division here. After that, they will get quotients. Then match the quotients with the color codes. By maintaining the color codes, they will color the specific area. Surely they will love and enjoy the activity.

divide and color the math coloring worksheets pdf          

Download the Free Worksheet PDF

The math coloring worksheets pdf will help your children to become strong in the basics of mathematics. These fun worksheets will help your children to swipe out their math phobia. If you have any kind of suggestions or quotations about this article, please let me know in the comment section.

Download the free pdf and enjoy the activities.

You have got this!!


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