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Easter Math Activities | Free Printable | Kindergarten

Easter is a perfect time to introduce some entertaining arithmetic games to young children. These easter math activities worksheets will help to increase number and color sense. 1st & 2nd-grade students will learn basic mathematical operations and can improve their basic math skills with our free printable easter math activities worksheets.

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7 Fun Easter Math Activities with Free Worksheets

Download and enjoy your easter vacation with math.

Fun Easter Math Activities

Counting Eggs

Worksheet #1

Find the Missing Numbers

Worksheet #2

Easter Egg Addition

Worksheet #3

Subtract on the Eggs

Worksheet #4

Color by Number

Worksheet #5

Multiply on the Eggs

Worksheet #6

Easter Egg Division

Worksheet #7

Here, we are sure that your children will also love the activities on the occasion of easter and they will enjoy the work.

children preparing for Easter with Easter math activitiesThese easter math activities in pdf format can help our children learn the basics of mathematics fast and actively. For the easter math activities, follow the detailed directions listed below.

Easter Eggs Counting Math Game in Easter Math Activities

During the holy week of easter, it is a common norm to present eggs from the easter bunny. To present eggs, you need to color them. In this activity, we will find colorful eggs. Count the same colored eggs together and write the number of the eggs in the particular box. 

Count the eggs in Easter math activities

Find the Missing Number with a Bunny in Easter Math Activities

Here, children will be provided with a board where they can see a pathway with some numbers. The numbers are organized serially. But there are some missing numbers. Your child will find a picture of carrots there. They need to count the carrots and find the missing numbers of that number set.

Find Missing Numbers in Easter Math Activities

Addition of Eggs in Easter Math Activities

In this activity, your children will add the numbers given in the worksheet. They will solve the problems by adding the numbers. Give them the worksheets. You will find the eggs with addition problems. After solving the problems, tell them to color the eggs.

Easter math addition activities

Subtract on the Eggs in Easter Math Activities

Your kids will use this to subtract the numbers from the worksheet. By subtracting the numbers, they will be able to solve the issues. Deliver the worksheets to them. Problems with subtraction are present in the eggs. Tell them to color the eggs after the problems.

Easter math subtraction

Color by Number in in Easter Math Activities

In this portion of this game, your kiddos will color the egg by counting the numbers. Here, the numbers are mentioned under the picture with color codes. Tell your kiddos to color the egg by maintaining the color code.

Color the egg in Easter math activity

Multiplication on Eggs in Easter Math Activities

Children will multiply the numbers provided on the worksheet here. Deliver the worksheets to them. The eggs have problems with multiplication that you can find. Check to see if they are able to solve the problems correctly. Tell them to color the eggs after that.

Easter math multiplication

Exciting Division in Easter Math Activities

At this point, kids will divide the numbers supplied in the worksheet. By dividing the numbers, they will find solutions to the problems. Check to see if they are able to solve the issues appropriately. Tell them to color the eggs after that.

Easter math division

Download the Free Printable PDF

Download the following PDF and have fun with your students this easter.


So today, we’ve discussed basic mathematical operations with easter math activities worksheets using the concepts of counting, adding, subtracting, multiplicating, and dividing numbers. Download our free worksheets, and after practicing these worksheets, students will surely improve their mathematical skills and have a better understanding of basic math skills.

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