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9 Exciting Skip Counting Games | Free Worksheets

These skip counting games worksheets will help to visualize and understand number recognition and number systems. 1st to 3rd-grade students will learn basic skip counting methods and can improve their basic math skills with our free printable skip counting worksheets.

9 Exciting Worksheets for Playing Skip Counting Games

Please download the following skip counting worksheets and solve the problems on the pages.

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Number Line

Worksheet #1

Matching Game

Worksheet #2

Race Game

Worksheet #3

Color Chart

Worksheet #4

Caterpillar Game

Worksheet #5

Dot Game

Worksheet #5

Filling Board

Worksheet #7

Maze Activity

Worksheet #8

Cut and Paste

Worksheet #9

Skip Counting Number Line Game

Some number lines are provided in the following worksheet.

  • Each of the number lines requires you to skip a certain number.
  • See the starting point and the number to skip.
  • From the starting point count the next position by skipping the given amount.
  • Finally, reach the endpoint in this way.

Skip Counting Match the Pieces

You will see some scattered puzzle pieces in this activity. All the puzzle pieces have some numbers in them.

  • Find the piece with the smallest number.
  • Then skip count by 3 to find the next number and connect that piece with the first one.
  • Follow the above step repeatedly to reach the final piece of the puzzle.

Skip Counting Race Game

See the race track. Some circles are drawn from the start to the finish line. But some of them are filled with numbers, and some of them are empty.

You can not pass those circles until you fill them with numbers. Try to skip count as per the directions and fill in all the numbers to finish the race.

Skip Counting Color Chart

Some color charts are provided in the following worksheet. See the instructions for skip counting. Then color the spaces with particular numbers that match the criteria for skip counting.

For example, if you are told to skip counting by 3s then color every third space from the starting point.

Skip Counting Caterpillar Game

The caterpillars are hungry. Feed them with numbers using skip counting.

Read the criteria for each of the caterpillars and fill in the empty spaces with numbers.

Skip Counting Dot Game

In the following worksheet, you will play a skip counting dot game. Connect the dots that are made up of skip counting by 4s.

After connecting all the dots, you will get a beautiful and meowy surprise.

Fill the Board Using Skip Counting

Complete the chart with the help of skip counting. Some numbers are given in the following chart. You have to skip counting by 2 from the beginning to complete the chart.

Take help from the given clues to find all the missing numbers and complete the chart like a pro.

Skip Counting to Out of the Maze

Help the kangaroo mom reach her Joey through this maze. You have to take the help of skip counting to do that.

Beware of the leopards that are hidden in the way.

Skip Counting Cut and Paste Game

Lastly, let’s play a cut-and-paste game with skip counting. Some numbers are given randomly.

Cut those numbers and paste them in the correct order to be the champion.

Download Free Printable Worksheets

Download the following combined PDF and enjoy your practice session.

So today, we’ve discussed skip counting games worksheets using the concepts of skip counting and number intervals, and we have induced those concepts with some interactive games like matching, number line, racing, solving puzzles, cut and paste, etc. Download our free worksheets, and after practicing these worksheets, students will surely improve their mathematical skills and have a better understanding of skip counting and number interval.

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