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Two Way Table Example | 6 Fun Activities | Free Printables


Two way table example means a table where each cell shows the proportion determined for that row and column combination for the two variables. The rows represent the categories for one category variable, and the columns represent the categories of a second category variable.

They seem like a simple tool, but so much learning can happen when working with them. And today we are going to explore how and why to use two way table example in math.

using two way table to describe Two Way Table Example

6 Fun Examples of Two Way Table

Working through a two way table example gives children the opportunity to practice a certain skill over and over. Six different ways to format a two way table example are shown here.

Larger and Smaller Units

Two – columns are perfect for comparing and exploring larger and smaller units.

All through our lives, we are faced with units that don’t quite match. We may be faced with a problem deciding which item is a better value, but one item is in gallons and one is in quarts. We know how many quarts are in a gallon to solve. And if we don’t know that four quarts are in a gallon, we will struggle to find which one is the better price!

For example, if I’m working on a two way table example that focuses on gallons and cups, I get to practice over and over that 16 cups equal 1 gallon.

In the given photo we multiply the first row with the first column to know the units. Such as- 4(first row) * 2(first column)= 8(which is in 5th column and third row).

using larger and smaller units to describe Two Way Table Example

Algebra Problem in Two Way Table

Sometimes algebra becomes easier, and sometimes it becomes harder. Right?

Children get to practice finding equivalents, which might help them later on when they solve algebraic issues, which is another advantage of using two-column charts. Children can practice identifying the operation that is being performed to obtain the equivalent by using two-column charts!

practicing algebra to know Two Way Table Example

Geometry Problem in Two Way Table

Mathematics that deals with shapes and figures is called geometry. How to create, measure, and compare shapes is explained by geometry.

Geometry is used in many different types of employment, from constructing homes and bridges to organizing space exploration. Students face difficulties learning geometry. That’s why I want to teach them through this activity.

practicing geometry to know Two Way Table Example

Multiplication Problem in Two Way Table

The number of items in the group grows as we multiply. Parts of a multiplication problem include the product, the two components, and the answer.

 In the multiplication problem, 6 × 9 = 54, the numbers 6 and 9 are the factors, while the number 54 is the product. My little one is a master at skipping counts.

However, he struggles to memorize multiplication facts without skipping counting when it comes time to answer a problem. We’ll be working a lot on multi-digit multiplication this year, so he needs to be able to recall his facts without skipping any.

We’ve been playing a lot of games, so I thought that today’s easy memorizing game would be a nice change of pace and a good way to study.

doing multiplication to know Two Way Table Example

Two-Way Frequency Table

The columns in a frequency table are two. The categories of data are shown in the first column. The frequency of each category, or the number of data values in the category, is listed in the second column. With the help of the given example, teachers and parents teach a two way frequency table to their students.

using frequency table to know Two Way Table Example

Addition Problem in Two Way Table

The total value of two or more numbers can be found. This is called addition. Kids love playing with dough mats. So I suggest that teachers and parents give them some dough mats and ask them to make stars and color them.  After making and coloring them, it’s time to practice addition with dough mats.  In this method, they can practice summation as well as making dough mats to increase their creative skill.

doing addition to know Two Way Table Example

Download Free Printable PDF

Download the attached PDF and have fun playing with the children.


I hope our children can have a stronger understanding of two column tables in math. Math becomes more interesting. They can enhance their math ability. 





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