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Math Baseball Addition | Free Printables

I love baseball. The sound of the bat hitting the ball. Crowds cheering for their teams. And even the disappointment of losing that important game. Which is quite common with my home team. So here, in this article, I will show the math baseball addition to make your kiddo familiar with baseball game. My husband converted me into a pro football fan, but I still have fond memories of the games I have watched with friends and family. That nostalgia was the inspiration for this three-digit adding game!

Math Addition with Baseball Game for Your Youngsters to Learn Addition

Our children will be able to learn how to add numbers very easily and interactively with the help of this game. This approach is quite successful. This method should assist your young champ in learning basic math operations and laying a solid calculating foundation. math baseball addition


Like most games that are designed to practice math facts, this adding game requires that children understand how to add before they play the game. I’m a big fan of presenting children with multiple ways to solve a problem, and I highly recommend teaching different ways and letting students choose the method that works best for them. Traditional Most people are very familiar with the traditional method and are subsequently most comfortable with it. It is how many of us were taught in school, and it is important for our children to be taught it too. The traditional method has children lining up the digits by place value and then adding each digit. If an answer is greater than 10, then the digit in the one’s place is put below the two digits they are adding and the digit in the tens place is placed above the digits they will be adding next. This method is simple but does not build any place value understanding. Partial Many people would call this the new method, but the emphasis on place value is important. In this method, children are adding digits based on place value. For example, if a child was adding 123 + 267 this is what they would do.

  1. First, they would start by adding the digits in the hundreds place. 100 + 200 = 300
  2. Next, they would add the digits in the tens place. 20 + 60 = 80
  3. Now they add the ones. 3 + 7 = 10
  4. Finally, they add up their answers. 300 + 80 + 10 = 390

You can get a partial product-adding game here. Once children learn how to add, now it is time to practice and there is no better way than to practice with this game.

Prep Work

  • Print off baseball game board on card stock paper
  • Print off problems and cut out
  • Gather up unfix cubes in two different colors and a calculator

Directions for Playing Addition Baseball

  1. First, Player one draws an addition card and solves it. Player two checks the addition problem with the calculator.
  2. If player one is correct, they use the guide at the bottom of the score sheet to determine how many bases they move up. If there are any cubes on a base those cubes move up too. (possibly add a picture with a hand pointing to the score sheet)
  3. If player one is wrong, this counts as a strike.
  4. When player one gets two strikeouts or earns three runs, it is player two’s turn to solve problems.
  5. The player with the most runs after three rounds wins!!!

Download the PDF

Download the following PDF and play with your kiddo with joy.

Enjoy a little baseball and add fun with your children. If you have any kind of questions or suggestions, feel free to write them down in the comment box.  You’ve Got This Rachel Get another no-prep game to build addition knowledge here. Want a subtraction game that uses manipulatives? You can get one here.    

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