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5 Free Decimal Number Line Worksheets | Fun Activities

In this article, we have discussed the decimal number line worksheets using 5 interactive methods. These free printable decimal number worksheets will help the students understand the decimals and the increment system of a number. Here we have presented some free decimals on number line worksheets like multiple choice, missing decimals, drawing a number line with the help of decimals, and some interactive word problems. By the end of our article, the students of grades 4 and 5 will acquire the number sense and number recognition skills.

5 Interactive Decimal Number Line Worksheets

Please download the following number line worksheets and practice plotting decimals on the pages.

Decimal Number Line Worksheets

Multiple Choice

Worksheet #1

Missing Decimals

Worksheet #2

Representing Decimals

Worksheet #3

Drawing Decimals

Worksheet #4

Word Problems

Worksheet #5

Identify the Decimal Number Line: Multiple Choice

In this worksheet, we have given some unknown decimals on the number line. Find the exact match by identifying the increment and checking the correct answer.

Here is the PDF of the decimal number line worksheets for practice.

Finding the Missing Decimal Number Line

The worksheet has some blank boxes where the students need to put the exact value of the number line.

Here is the PDF of the decimal number line worksheets for missing values.

Representing Decimal Number Line

We have represented the unknown decimals with an alphabet here in the decimal number line worksheets. Guess the decimals and fill the gaps.

This is the PDF of representing decimal number line worksheets. Practice them for better understanding.

Drawing Decimal Number Line Worksheets

In this section, we have given the instructions for drawing decimal number line worksheets. Read the instructions carefully and draw the number line.

This PDF of the decimal number line worksheets will grow the skills to draw something from the instructions.

Decimal Number Line: Word Problems

Here are some free interactive word problems for the decimal number line. Practice the problems to master this mathematical skill.

Download Free Practice Worksheet PDF

Download the following combined PDF and enjoy your practice session.

So today, we have created 5 free worksheets with 50+ problems. These problems are based on multiple-choice questions, finding missing decimal values, representation of the decimal values, number lines with the given instructions, and word problems. Download these free practice sheets for practice for the grade 3 students. This will help them to grow decimal number sense and also help them to recognize decimal numbers.

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