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Comparing Decimals 5th Grade | Free Printable | Fun Activities

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In this article, I will provide you with the worksheets on the activities of comparing decimals 5th grade. Comparing decimal numbers is important for the kiddos in 4th, 5th, or 6th grade. to increase their number sense. These free printable PDFs will help them to increase their basic mathematical skills.

5 Worksheets on Comparing Decimals 5th Grade

Download the following worksheets and practice.

Comparing Decimals 5th Grade

Base 10 Blocks

Worksheet #1

Decimal Grids

Worksheet #2

Number Lines

Worksheet #3

Cut & Paste

Worksheet #4

Treasure Hunt

Worksheet #5

I hope they will enjoy the interactive activities. 

Find the Greater Number in comparing decimals 5th grade

Comparing Decimals for 5th Graders 

These printable worksheets will increase your students’ sense of basic mathematical operations. Download and practice.

Base Ten Blocks for Comparing Decimals 

Typically, a cube equals one, but if you say the flat equals one-tenth, then the long equals one-hundredth, and the cubes equal one-thousandth. Let’s try it out. If I’m comparing 0.446 and 0.46, I would build each number. We begin by looking at the first digit which is a four in the tenth place. So I’ll get out of four flats. Next, we move to the second digit, a four in the hundredth place. This means I need four longs. Finally, we make six-thousandths using six cubes. 

Now we want to make 0.46. We do this by using four flats to show four-tenths, and six longs to show six hundredths. And now it is easy to see that 0.46 is larger than 0.446.  

comparing decimals 5th grade with base ten blocks        

Decimal Grids for Comparing Decimals

For this method, you must provide a 10 by 10 grid and have them color it in to represent the decimal. Let’s use this to compare 0.03 and 0.3. We begin by coloring in three out of the hundred squares – three hundredths. Next, we color in 3 tenths. That is three out of the ten columns. And when that is done it is obvious that 0.03 is less than 0.3.

comparing decimals 5th grade with grids  Download the following PDF for more practice.

Number Lines to Compare Decimals

First, we have to figure out what to start and end our number line with. Since we are comparing numbers that both have two-tenths, we can start with two-tenths and end with three-tenths.  

Now we want to make our increments go up by hundredths. And finally, we put the two numbers we are comparing on the number line. Once again it is easy to see that 0.210 is less than 0.24. 

comparing decimals 5th grade with number lineDownload the following PDF & practice more.


If your children need more help representing decimals with any of these methods, these task cards may help 

Cut and Paste Activity for Comparing Decimals

All our big kiddos must do is solve each expression and then put it on the chart under the correct wording. 

So 0.03 < 0.3 would be placed in the less than column, while 5.2 > 5.02 would end up in the greater than column.  

Cut and Paste ActivityDownload the following PDF for more practice.  


Treasure Hunt for Comparing Decimals

Roll the dice first. If students land on a treasure box, the teacher will give them a decimal comparison problem. Then, the student will solve the problem. If the answer is correct, he or she will proceed to the game. Otherwise, he or she will be stuck on that stage. The game will be continued in this manner. The student who can finish the game first will win the game. 

Treasure Hunt gameDownload the following worksheet & try to practice more.    


Download Free Printable PDF 

Download the PDF attachment to engage in joyful play with your child.


So today, we’ve discussed comparing decimals 5th grade worksheets using the concepts of base 10 blocks, decimal grids, number lines, cut & paste, and treasure hunt. Download our free worksheets, and after practicing these worksheets, students will surely improve their mathematical skills and have a better understanding of mathematical skills.

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